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Zambia- Expensive land.

So the grind began. Leaving Liwonge was pretty easy as there really wasn’t much of interest to me. I was fairly close to the border so I was in another mini-bus and on my way. Not too much excitement getting across the border as it was a quick change of money to Zambian Kwatchas (US1$= $4000(K)watcha). The Malawian border was a stamp and I was done with Malawi. A pleasant little country I might add, as long as I don’t start peeing blood.

Now Zambia. Zambia, Zambia, Zambia. Once I finished the Malawi stuff it was a short walk to Zambias border office. Nothing very exciting about it, I was actually kind of pleased it was one of those border places where the two offices are right next to each other. Some border posts for some reason have as much as twenty kilometers between them. I have no clue who owns that middle section, but it sure is an inconvenience as usually you end up paying for some sort of transportation between them.

My first stop was the health department window where the guy took a glance at my passport and then asked for my Yellow Fever Vaccination card. For some I bet, that question caused a quick turn around. For me, no problem. Next was the big book of information that had to be filled in. Next was an empty window where the guy who does the passport stamping was not there. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz. We waited for about an hour until a guy rushed up. He said he was late for a meeting and quickly stamped the people around me. He asked me if I wanted a visa and “yes” was my answer. His response was “one hundred dollars” and stuck his hand out. I questioned him about his response and he said if I wanted a visa it was a hundred dollars US. Shiiitttt. There were two Americans with Diplomatic Passports next to me and they did assure me that it was correct and that as of October 14th that was the rule. In fact people who were at the embassy who did not have a Diplomatic passport had to pay the fee as well. That was a big blow as I was ready to shell out the already raised $35. My thinking agitated the passport guy and he told me it was now or in two hours as he had to go to his meeting. “Shit” as I pulled out the hundred dollars.

With my golden stamp, I entered Zambia. My first stop was Chipata, a little border town. I could have gone on, but my next stop was going to be Lusaka which was another six hours away, and I had no urge to stay in a vehicle any longer. The shared taxi dropped me off at the bus station where there was a little lodge across the street where I dumped off my bags. Being a border town it was your usual dusty and busy city. It was also pretty hot so I spent the day taking showers and hanging out at a little hamburger restaurant that didn’t sell hamburgers.

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