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Yea Thailand!

So, I hit the Malaysian border check point and it is pretty much chaos. There is a drive through aisle each for trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Surprisingly, there is also a road that bypasses the whole border checkpoint and just goes around the whole comple. Most of the motorcycles and cars were just skipping the whole bureaucracy of customs and immigration and just skipping it (I guess they were carrying bombs and heroin) so I just followed along. I got half way round and then figured it would probably be best if I at least tried the correct way. I went against traffic and entered back into line and into the motorcycle lane. I was the only one going so I pulled up to the immigration drive up window and stopped. The girl in the little booth was reading something and wouldn’t look up. I took off my helmet as the sign said to take off your helmet. Nothing. Okay, I tried and I drove through the building and out the other side. Okay, things are not going the way they are supposed to. I was worried about taking the bike out as I did not do any paperwork coming in, but now I was actually in reverse land where I couldn’t figure out how to get anybody to care. I noticed a couple of backpackers walking out of a building so I walked in and found the walk through immigration section. I got my stamp as was finally out of Malaysia.

Thailand was slightly less chaotic but there was a line of backpackers waiting to have their Swine Flu check. I figured, why not just skip it so I went to the Entry window, got my stamp (two months) and left. No worries.

No shittin, I passed through town and I was on a wide two lane road with just as wide shoulders, with not a vehicle in front of me or anything in my rear view mirrors. It was like scooter heaven. There was maybe two kilometers the whole time that I was in Malaysia where I felt comfortable riding. (Cool, gunshots… will explain later). Two minutes into Thailand and I already understood why everybody loves it so much.

My first stop was the town of Narathiwat. It was smooth sailing the whole way and it felt good to be back.


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