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What am I doing

Old Steve- Christmas 200(?) I phone home “Merry Christmas, oh yea I moved, here’s my new address.”

In regards to vacation, my last few have involved driving Key West to Miami (MIA) heading over to the Interntional departure area and picking a location off the Departure board. The first time I did that I ended up in Maracaibo, Venezuela. There is nothing there except heat, Fresno, CA type heat. The second trip took me to Ecuador. I learned that was where the Galapagos Islands were so I did a double blind vacation. I met a group of Missionaries there from Quito so off I went. A triple. Thats when I kind of realized that this travel thing was getting just a tad too easy.

Current Steve- I write a blog to let everybody know what I am doing. Unfortunately, I have no real plan except that I am going south and then turn east and go that way until I end up back in the states. Actually, I take that back. I do know that I will be staying in the VI through May, (rents paid, so why not), do some island hopping around, and then island hop down the Lesser Antilles until I hit Trinidad/Tobago. From there take a ferry across to Venezuela and then officially start my Round the world trip. I refuse to back track anymore. It used to piss me off so much when I lived in Key West and I would drive four hours to Miami to get on a plane and then fly right back over my house on the way to the Caribbean/South America. I’ll figure the rest out when I get there.

Future Steve- Plan a trip with other peoples input and possibly inviting them along. Maybe a trip to Morro Bay in 2006, in the motorhome. Yeaaaa!!!!!!

In regards to specific places, I’m going to rely on this website, a guide book that I pick up here and there, other peoples Blogs, ideas from other travelers I meet, and hopefully suggestions from people I meet on this Blog. So if anybody out there has a suggestion, I can give it a 68% chance of becoming a reality.


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