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What a catch I am

Sold the car today. Pretty much everything else is gone as well. Sold all the sellable stuff and dropped off the rest to the Salvation Army. Lets check the good ole scorecard.



-No car.

-Hygiene suspect. Now so I havenít cut my hair, stopped shaving, wear the same clothes every day, and havenít bathed all that much (now I do hit the beach almost everyday so that has to count for something.) I think it is very unfair that people are telling me that I look like a bum. Whats up with that!

-I have enough food to last about three days before I start eating un-ripe mangoes. Iím not walking down this mountain and carrying groceries back up. Hell, Iím not backpacking yet.

-In less that a week I will be leaving my humble abode and joining the ranks of the homeless.

What a catch I am now. As bad as it sounds, why canít I stop smiling?


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