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We were millionaires

Money (1).JPG
At $450,000Z to the dollar, we became millionaires after changing $3US. This photo is what $200US looks like.

At the gas station, they use a money counting maching and just dump the bills into boxes and then throw the boxes into the closet. Crazy. Bills started at $20,000, 50,000, and the hard to get 100,000.

Gas ran around $35,000,000 to fill the tank. Crazy stuff. We had to walk around with our backpacks full of money just to go and buy a pizza.


One response to “We were millionaires”

  1. steve says:


    Send me a Denny’s Grand Slam. As Homer Simpson would say ” grreouf sodifeho sdhowehfodsio oiefoifwo”