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We are up and running again. Omorate part II.

I just got word that Bootsnall, the host of my website has doubled my photo storage capacity so I can keep the same format. Even if they hadn’t been so cool, Marisa (my friend I met in Cape Town, South Africa, and Yazeed my bro from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, got me set up on their private servers for storing my photos. Thank you both.

So, with no further ado, photos of Omorate, part II.

Cruel trick
This was a cruel trick and also probably the reason I was struck down. We were at one of the villages across the river with a hundred kids clamoring for us to take their picture so we would have to pay them. We staunchly refused as there was no way we could get away with taking a couple photos. We decided that we just wouldn’t take any. That and with the constant begging for sweets or Birr, it was just a huge “give me” as kids fought to get at us and into pole position. Well, Juan came up with this idea to take one of the girls head jewelry that they put on so they would be more photogenic. He had me take a picture of him and then hand him a Birr note. Oh, it went from screams of laughter and “give me”, to total shock and silence when I handed him the Birr. Juan just smiled and stuck the Birr in his pocket and gave the girl back her head wear. It was a cruel trick and I paid later.

One trick was to run up a hill and snap a quick shot. Huts on stilts. Juan playing hotscotch Sunset huts A real cutey Gods gift to women, men, and animals.  This guy was Mr. Cool. Dasenech kids Dasenech kids II Our guide. The ride to Turmi.  Check out the native guys with the woven head wear.

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