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Wadi Halfa, Sudan to Aswan, Egypt: Ferry time.

Life is okay, I am on the boat, I was the last passenger to board, but it doesn’t matter, I am on my way. Okay, last one, “Screw you Rat Bastard Sudanese Immigration Chief!!!!”

I am traveling second class which is basically bench seats in an airconditioned room down below. First class is airconditioned berths and third class is upper deck wherever there is space. Since I board so late, there is no place to sit, but of course, there are Egyptian guys and I am quickly called over and space is made for me to sit down. They find a spot for my bag and I am at home. I have already done enough ferries to know that the best sleeping spots are up on deck so I don’t even worry about carving out a nitch in the packed seating areas.

I spend my time hanging out with the Egyptian guys and in the Dining area where we are given a meal ticket for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. More fuul for me as I hadn’t eaten that day. Outside I am hanging out as we approach the Egyptian-Sudan border on the lake. What they have done is set a line of buoys to mark the division. We stop just shy of the buoys so they can perform whatever necessary dance that needs to be done. I quietly cheer as we cross over. Soon afterwards a beautiful girl comes over and asks for a picture with her and her sister, with me of course. I oblige and we hang out a bit. They are Sudanese and they are on holiday with their parents on their way to Aswan and Cairo. I am pretty surprised as I would not classify Sudan as a hotbed of beautiful women (more on that later.) We hang out a bit and I meet the father who is really nice and tells me a lot about Sudan and Ethiopia. It’s nice conversation to while away the time.

My sleeping area turns out to be next to the exhaust port right on the main walkway. When the sun had set, pretty much everybody came up top and nitched out every open spot available. You couldn’t even walk to the front part of the boat with so many people stretched out with blankets and mats. I find the first open space I can and just lie down. It was a pretty much sleepless night as people kept coming up trying to find a spot and since I was on the narrow passage way and it was pitch dark there was a lot of people slowly inching by. It was not what I needed after the hellatious travel through Sudan, but it was just like everything else, there has to be some sort of hard part before you get to the cushy part.

The sun comes up and I stay on deck hanging out with some more Egyptian guys. We talk about the usual stuff, parties, girls, drugs, and how much Sudan sucks. We arrive into Aswan port about 11am and spend the next three hours locked in the sitting area until the whole ship has been cleared through customs and then finally we are let go.

A stamp, a walk through the port, a train, and I was officially in Aswan, Egypt.

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