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Vilanculos, Chimoio, Tete, Mozambique

The next major beach place was Vilanculos which was about 5 hours north. Another beach place, but the jumping off port for the Bazaruto islands. Vilanculos was similar to Tofo, but the big draw here was the islands. Unfortuneately, the island has been over run by 5-star resorts and the only backpackers (affordable) place was shut down not too long ago. Now, outside of dropping a couple of hundred a night for a dumpy place, the only way to explore the islands was by day trips. They have some decent reef sets to snorkel and dive by getting hauled out there by Dhows (wooden sail boats.) For me, I have seen enough islands and definitely don’t like that 5-star mentality, so they can stuff their island. Bonnie and Matt did a day tour which turned out to be good fun with good food.

After 4 days there we were off to Chimoio, a sort of crossing where you can either veer east and head back along the coast line heading towards Tanzania, West to Zimbabwe, or north to Malawi (my direction). Matt and Bonnie were on their way to Tanzania and then Kenya where Matt had family, so that is where we split up. It was really nice cruising in a nice truck with plenty of room and drop off service. First class.

After Chimoio I headed to Tete because it is renowned as the hottest place in Mozambique. Yea, it was hot (and humid as it was right next to the Great Zambezi river) but not even close to a Fresno summer. I had my sights set on a airconditioned hotel room that another couple Summer and Justin (Medical resident and health worker) who I was heading up with recommended. It was $20US, but I didn’t care. It had its own bathroom as well. I was on the top floor so I had a great view of the river and city, the air conditioned cranked, and I could walk around naked all day. Civilization……

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