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Trip Breakdown for SA, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe

Trip breakdown.

City Hostel/Camping Price

Cape Town Ashanti Lodge 90R dorm 55R camping

Orange River Orange River Lodge 30C
Keetmanshoop K. Municipal Caravan Park 54C
Aus Namib Garage 40C
Sesriem Sesriem National Park 80C
Swakopmund Swakopmund lodge 70C
Khorixas Gowati Lodge 45C
Etosha Etosha National Park 75C
Bagani Epopa Falls Camp 75C

Maun Audi Camp (Okavanga Delta) 30P
Nata Nata Lodge (Chobe) 40P

Victoria Falls Victoria Falls Backpackers $6US
Victoria Falls Overland Club $4US
Hwange Hwange National Park $15US ($3.3M(z) black mkt)
Entry to park $15US (Above covered cost)
Bulawayo Bulawayo Caravan Park $775Z
Nalatale Nalatale Ruins Free
Masvingo Masvingo Caravan Park $500Z
Chimanimani Frog and Fern $3M (Z)

Messina Baobob Caravan Park $35R
Krueger NP Oifantes Camp $205R cottage (total)
Nelspruitt Son Lodge $77R
Pretoria North South Backpackers $80R
Cape Town Ashanti Lodge $55R

(With Tazz wheel drive). Most basic car.
$160R per day (unlimited mileage and full insurance coverage). Insurance was full in SA but in Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, we would have to pay a $4000R deductible. There was also an added driver fee of $100R per person(One time fee). To drop the car off in another city would have cost $330R, but I ended up driving it back to Cape Town.

Kms. Price per Litre Litres Price Kms per litre Location
586 6.87R 49.5 340 11.84 Springbok
555 5.9 41.7 246 13.30 Keetmanshoop
485 5.9 34.0 201 14.26 Aus
587 6.08 37.80 230 15.53 Sessriem
379 5.64 26.80 151 14.14 Swakopmund
620 5.76 39.20 227 15.82 Khorixas
440 5.98 28.40 170 15.48 Etosha N/P
591 5.82 39.90 232 14.81 Tsumeb
525 5.83 37.00 216 14.19 Bagani
505 4.71P 36.00 170P 14.02 Maun
668 4.75 47.8 227 13.97 Kasane
218 450Z 14.4 265Mil 15.1 Vic Falls
636 550 42.4 23.3M 15 Bulawayo
243 520 16.2 8.4M 15 Bulawayo
498 510 35 17.8M 14.2 Masvingo
664 520 48.1 25.0M 13.80 Masvingo
619 6.91R 40.5 280R 15.3 Krueger
685 7.0R 45.71 320R 15 Nelspruit

Group Payments- For gas, park fees, housing, food, and group costs.

Date Amount
7/6 200R
7/7 300R
8/7 300R
10/7 300R
11/7 500R
14/7 500R
15/7 400R
20/7 335P
We switched to buying each persons own food as the balance of cost was not equal (some people ate a lot more.) Switched to keeping track and paying off every day or two. Costs for food were significantly lower after this.

Total cost from Cape Town to Vic Falls came to around $800US versus Overlanding at $1000. We finished in 17 days versus 21 for the tour.

General dollar conversion

SA Rand (R) = $7R
Namibian (N) = $7R (They used the Rand interchangeably)
Botswana Pula (P) =$5P
Zimbabwe (Z) = $100,000Z Gov’t rate
$450,000Z Black Market

Here is a file in word format to make it easier to read.
Download file


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