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Tofo Beach, Mozambique

After Maputo, it was off to the most popular beach area in Mozambique. I would say that 90% of the backpackers hit Tofu and nothing else. It is a bit far up and the roads are a little shitty but not as bad as everyone says. Also, it is almost ground zero for malaria.

To be honest, Mozambique is one big coast line and there are hundreds of beach resorts all up the coast line, but Tofo has become backpacker central so it has the best backpacker places and a lot of people to party with.

I stayed at Bamboozis which is a big resort spot set way down a sand road right behind a big dune and just on the opposite side of the ocean. At the top is the main bar/restaurant which over looks the ocean and on the other side the resort. Accommadation is all thatched suites, huts, or camping among the coconut trees. Very relaxed place.

Tofo is renowned for its diving because of its cleaning stations where Huge Ray’s, Whale sharks, and other large fish head to get themselves picked clean by the little cleaning fish. You get dropped at the feeding stations while huge Manta Ray’s glide above you. There are lots of whales to be seen and even one straggling great white passed by. Surfing is decent off the beach and they also have a great little fish market where the boats (little 10′ wooden boats) drop off their catch. The big difference there was the sail fish was a specialty and these guys were bringing in these big sails and were selling them off at the market. Barracuda was also a local specialty. I splurged one night on the all you can eat seafood buffet where every gringo in Tofo showed up.

I ended up staying for 8 days there. Met up with Bonnie and Matt, two Brits who were off doing a year in Africa before heading back and starting up their own hostel, possibly in Wales. They were driving in their own 4X4 so they invited me to go along as we were heading the same way. Me and Matt did some fishing as well and pulled some nice 4″ perch off the rocks while the surf pounded us. Extreme fishing.

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