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Time to move on: Photos Nuweiba

It’s time to get moving. Regardless how long I could stay, it still came down to the point that I have a job to do. Scratch that, job and me will not co-exist. Jobs are for other people, not me. It’s basically time to stick a fork in Africa and get on with part 4, the Middle East. But in the mean time, a few photos I did manage to break my rhythm and take.

My office
Not just another sunset, this was my office after a hard days work.

Nuweiba Soft Beach Camp The other side of the bay
Some shots of the Soft Beach Camp and the side of the bay with the other Bedouhin style camps. Soft Beach is all sand and definitely the best camp on the bay. My hut was the one right in the middle of the photo #10 facing the ocean.

Camels camels everywhere
You know when your in an exotic place when Camels just wander around aimlessly. Free range camels I guess you would call them. Good eating too. Tastes like salmon*.

Mama #1 Amira Mama #2 Nura
Nura and Amira were my two playmates as well as co-parents to our ten puppies. They were from Switzerland on vacation with their moms. We had a good system as feeding eight exuberant and hungry puppies and two runts who were too weak to participate was a bit overwhelming at first. One would take the two runts and hand feed them while me and the other would keep the little food vaccuums fed. Swimming was pretty much the rest of the day.

Fatty mc Fatty was what I called him, they chose Stello Bad Puppy my name, something German was theirs, had to be something girly Ten puppies
Some of our babies. Since I was leaving and didn’t want anyone else to play with them I had them all put to sleep*.

*Okay, two lies. 1) Camel doesn’t taste like salmon. 2) The puppies are still alive and ready for adoption if anybody is willing to go to Nuweiba to get them.

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  1. Judy says:

    I thought at first you had lost it! (I’m pretty gullible). So glad you cleared it up right away. The salmon and dead puppies, I mean. Great pictures. As always, I look forward to your blogs and anxious for your Middle East adventures. judy

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