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The Walk

With the car sold it left me on the side of the road with a big fat check and a long walk home. It was really my only big stress left so in that regards I was pretty happy. Being isolated on the top of a mountainous jungle no longer had that romantic feel to it. It brought about thoughts of rationing my food and how in the hell I was going to find a Sherpa to help carry my stuff up and down these mountains.

The following day I made myself take the long walk down the hill. One of the things that I learned from that simple walk was that I do these things that I do because I seek the answers that you can only obtain by taking the alternate path. Half way down the hillside there is another peak. For the past year I would just drive around it without really paying attention on what this uninhabited hill stood for. When my walk brought me to the edge of this hill, I had the opportunity to follow the road as it wound around and down. That is the point where I understood why I had so many passport stamps and a address list that requires a excel spread sheet (and probably why I have had so many short term relationships.) Why follow the paved road when there is a semi-perfectly fine dirt fire road that went somewhere in the right direction and could quite possible be the entry way to a worm hole that would magically transport me to the entrance to the bank. Well, my curious/adventurous side took over and I spent the next hour walking around that hill on roads that would loop around and dead end. It was actually pretty interesting in that there must have been a whole community living on the back side of the hill because there was tons of concrete rubble and parking areas. From the back side of the hill I could see the mall where the bank was, but the jungle had taken over and there was no clear route down. I took two more roads that looped lower but neither one did more than just loop around and end. I said a quick “crap,” and backtracked to the entry way. I had noticed a little path that ran along the bottom of the hill going towards the shopping center so off I went. It started as a dirt road, turned into a grassy road, and then turned into jungle again. At the point that I was swinging on vines I gave up on that route as well. A short “crap” later I was back on the regular road finishing off the last half hour of the walk. So a failure, well maybe. I didn’t find any super short cut, but what I did find out was that all those roads led to cool places, but none of them led to the bank. Its kind of like why I went to the Galapagos Islands. You are force fed the Darwin theories during your days in school, every other discovery channel feature is about those islands, and you hear talk about how life changing the animals are. Well, I went there and you know what, its just a bunch of plastic figurines that they take pictures at a bunch of different angles to make it look real. All the animals were extinct years ago. What a bunch of crap is that. Am I full of shit? Maybe, but there is only way to prove it. Go to the Galapagos. I did. Now do you understand?
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