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The last week.

Well my last week is here and almost done. I really have not had many things to worry about with the car being sold. I put a little note on a web board for the VI (, advertising the little bit of stuff that I had purchased while here. A couple of TVís, air conditioner, fans, etc. Surprisingly it all sold rather quickly. Even better was that the two people I sold all the stuff to let me hold on to them until I was ready to leave. Thatís what I call island hospitality. Like thatís going to happen on the mainland. ďHereís the money, go ahead and give me a call when your done using the stuff.Ē Just plain nice. Really, the only thing that I have not been able to accomplish is opening up a Citibank Money Market Account. I was planning on stashing a large chunk of cash there, and most importantly shifting the funds out of my Banco Popular (VI and Puerto Rico only bank), and into a more universal bank. They offer much better interest rates, but also have ATMís and banking centers throughout the world. This will save tons on transaction charges since I will be using ATMís primarily to fund this trip. Well, since I am in the VI, they will not open the account so I have shifted all my accounts to a friends address in Key West. Since I tried again they are asking for proof of residence and employment. I am currently in the process of forging documents so that I can get this stupid account without having to fly to Miami. Bastards.

On the fun side, I have been to the beach every day this week. I ended up getting a rental car so I am free to wander the island without doing the mountain climb every day. What I have learned is that living on this island is much better being unemployed. I actually havenít used a clock for the last month. I sleep until I canít sleep anymore, watch a ton of tv, force myself to go to the beach, eat boiled frozen burritos (yea-donít sell the microwave dumb ass), sit on the porch and watch the sunset, watch more tv until I pass out, and start the whole thing over again the next day. The negative to this is that I am starting to dread having to give it up and go traveling. Sure traveling and adventuring is super fun, but compared to sleeping, eating, beaching, and watching tv all day its close.

Tomorrow, I have to cancel the cell phone, fax in some ďalteredĒ documents, pick up a wad of cash, get my security deposit back, oh yea, try stuffing all the crap that I am going to take into the backpack. I donít know, its going to be close. I suppose whatever doesnít fit I can always throw it into a garbage bag. Iíll be the cool backpacker walking down the trail, dragging a garbage bag.

There are a few more entries that I would like to get entered before I leave. If I wasnít so lazy I could have kept up with homework and not have to cram at the last minute. Oh well, just like real school. I want to do a quick little photo album of the different beaches available on St. Thomas, since I hit them all this week, a map entry which shows the rough path that I will be taking, and a ďmoving to the Virgin Islands,Ē informative piece. Weíll have to see how that goes. I only have one more day left and I still need to cram in some more sleep, tv, the last 7 burritos…


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