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The last safari, Masai Mara, Kenya

After arriving in Nairobi and spending a few days testing the mugging waters of downtown, Nairobbery, I moved to the backpackers in the nice area of town and set my target on visiting the must see Masai Mara.

The Masai Mara is the northern portion of the Serengeti. The area is mostly known for the great Wildebeest migration in June/July, and the great Masai Warriors. Since the price to visit the Mara was about half of what the cost was in Tanzania, I ended up booking a three day safari. It ended up costing $75Us a day, which I had lucked out in getting by going through a sort of consolidator. They filled in last minute seats on safaris. I got lucky and got put with a group who were all doing better packages, so it ended up being a better than average tour.

The first day was seven hours of getting bounced around on the horrid roads leading to the park. That included a lunch break at a hotel, so it wasn’t too bad. No, it was still bad, why lie. After dropping our packs off at our different lodgings, we went on a evening game drive that gave us a bit of an idea of the park and how the safaris worked. That evening we had dinner (Spaghetti) and a performance by some Masai warriors around the camp fire.

The next day we got up early and spent ten hours driving around the park and stopping at a few places to relax. The park itself was made up of primarily four wheel drive roads amidst very lush rolling hills. This time of the year, all the grass is green and lush so it was very beautiful and lively. Although the migration wasn’t happening which would inject a million more zebras and Wildebeest, it was still full of all the varieties of animals. I will post some photos of a sampling of what we saw. One of the higher than average populations is the big cats, specifically Lions. We lucked out and saw quite a few and had some up close encounters. One first that I did have was getting to see a couple of Cheetahs. Overall, it was a decent time, although I really wasn’t all that motivated to see more of the same that I had already seen in the Southern Africa portion of my trip. Our group consisted of a couple from Finland, Italy, and the US. The couple from the US had just come from the Middle East so I questioned them about things to do there as it will be my next big leg of my trip. They told me a couple of there highlights and then gave me their Lonely Planet guidebook for the Middle East. I was stoked. I am just one lucky guy.

Now, I am back in Nairobi debating on my next leg. I can either go to Uganda or to Mombosa which is the coastal section of Kenya. I really could bypass more beaches, but I don’t know for sure yet what I will do. The weather here in Nairobi is perfect Spring weather (my favorite) so I have no problems just hanging around a bit.

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