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The last photos of Sasha.

This was her last shot complete before dismantling. It was a clear with a few spotted clouds day. She passed away under the shade of a big tree.

Goodby my semi-trustworthy friend and 20 kilos worth of stuff.

The new owner. He thought I just needed help but he eventually got it, I think.

This is what I mean when I said I wasn’t sure he got it. This was right before I got on the bus. He was looking for someone he could talk to about it. Finally at the end when the bus pulled up we gestured each other for him to take it with him to his house.

And this is my new ride. Nope couldn’t be one of those Dreamliner buses with air, recliner seats, dvd movies, stewardess in a little mini-skirt. Nope, good old rural transport, vinyl covered seats for making the puke and chicken shit clean up easier, a bunch of 1980’s electronic equipment that hasn’t worked since the 1980’s, and leg room just enough to fit one leg. Fantastic.


2 responses to “The last photos of Sasha.”

  1. judy says:

    I think I’m as sad as you about Sasha as I felt close to her through you, of course. I have had Adelle for 26 years and if anything bad happened to her I would feel really, really sad. You would get a real SOB story from me as you would probably understand and have some sympathy for me. The best to you on the bus, Gus! jude

  2. Karie says:

    New adventures await you. It was just time to part that is all.

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