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The end of the around the world trip. Back in America.

With a happy heart, and dreading a long ass flight I took a shared shuttle bus to the spic and span new airport. Finally I got to take the raised express way which was not possible on anything with two wheels. It was pretty damn nice with no stop lights, everybody running balls out and only two toll stops. It took maybe ten minutes to cover the distance which took me around two hours traveling along Sukhumvit road.

Slowly I had tapered off the super budget traveling which hovered around the 10-15 dollar per day range. Business class hotels and my own transport made me pretty hesitant to stay anywhere which did not have satellite tv and a good shower. The fifteen plus hours to California was definitely not something I was looking forward to and it would be safe to say added another couple of months to my Asia travels as I just dreaded the thought of being stuck in the flying tube. Had there been a nice trans-Pacific freeway, Amo and I would have been cruising for a week stopping to fish for whales along the way. I finally decided that I had to leave or risk spending writing a year six so I settled on something that would at least appease my apprehension.

$1400US for Business class on flights from Bangkok to Taipei then Taipei to Los Angeles. Fifteen hours scrunched in economy class during major cutbacks of service on airlines was very disconcerting. It was a ton of money especially versus on how long I could have lived with the cost in Asia. It however was the only semi-reasonable way of getting back to the States and not totally dreading it every second of the way. I am by the way worth it.

In the end, six movies and five meals later, I made it to LAX feeling rather spunky. The flights were actually a lot shorter than I would have liked as I had more creature comforts than I have had for a long time, and the food was kick ass. There is really such a huge difference between cattle class and superior humans. At less than twice the cost it was totally worth it.

And 18 hours after leaving my Bangkok home I arrived back in the good old USA. I do have to add though, flying out of Bangkok’s new International Airport and flying into LAX (Los Angeles International) it felt like I was flying back into a third world country. Man, the place was tired looking and worn out. Add the fact that sales tax is like 10%, what the hell happened. When I left it was like a little more than 7%. This was going to be rough.

THE END. Well, sort of.


9 responses to “The end of the around the world trip. Back in America.”

  1. Noriko says:

    Steve, thank you for posting your blog for the world to share in your experiences. I just recently found this site through someone I just met in Thailand, believe it or not, and I’m from California as well. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog tremendously, and you’ve inspired me to consider a solo international trip, so thank you. BTW, you rock! You’ll push an old lady out of the way to get on the prison bus, and stay in places with no running water, but you’ll pay extra for business class. That’s awesome! I agree with you on that account though, I’ve had the great fortune to fly first class, and the luxury is so worth it!!! Even better than staying in a five star hotel. I hope your transition back to the states isn’t too painful, I’m sure this is just another start to more incredible experiences. I hope you continue to post. All the best to you, I wish you many safe travels.
    Mahalo, blue skies, and safe travels,

  2. Karie says:

    Soooo disappointed that your journey has ended. All the best in whatever you choose to do in the future ;*

  3. Justin says:

    congratulations on making it home in one piece. try not to get too weirded out by the US of A.

  4. Dan says:

    I stumbled onto your blog when you were still in the Virgin Islands, about to quit your job. I’ve read this damn thing for four and a half years, every chapter, paragraph, and word. I’m going to miss it because I can say for sure, during the last 4 and a half years, you’ve had a lot more fun than me. There are a lot of travel blogs now, but yours was unique. Some people are crummy writers, and no matter how many adventures they have, their blogs are boring. Other people write beautifully, but they trudge the same boring paths as everyone else and don’t have anything new to say. You hit the sweet spot. Your traveling and your writing reflected your unique style and point of view. Thanks for sharing it, and good luck in the future!

  5. I’m with Dan. This has been THE BEST travel blog out there. You set the bar. I started reading years ago and I can’t believe it’s actually going to end. It’s much worse than the last episode of Seinfeld or MASH or Friends (Ithought you would appreciate the TV analogy). I hold out a tiny bit of hope that you may spring a surprise on us with the ‘The End’ quote adding the teaser ‘well sort of’… I hope you put this together in to a book with reflections on your travels from the perspective of being home again. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I hope you keep the blog up for posterity- I still enjoy re-reading some of your great adventures.

    Long live the King.

    -Mike Anderson

  6. Rutger says:

    Like Dan, i also really really enjoyed your travelstories, especially the ones about Africa. Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences, and i will check out your website every now and then, hoping you added a new post from wherever you will be!

  7. yazeed says:

    LOL…wow back home huh??? shoot me an email sometime…or you can call too. Glad to have you home.

  8. JimboNations says:


    Thanks for creating this blog, I’ve loved every single entry! Your travels were a blast to follow along with…

    I wish you all the best going forward and hope you’ll continue to write, even if you become a pinto bean farmer in Tulare.

    Take care!


  9. Tommy says:

    Steve’s not traveling and writing his blog? Will they serve lunch tomorrow? Is the sun coming back up again? I commented your blog few months ago and you told me to set my priorities right when catching up with your blog. I only caught up with your posts today, mainly because I’ve been reading your blog with my mobile while taking a dump and there’s only limited times a day that I need to do some porcelin rodeo. I can’t spend too much time in the loo either without raising suspicions amongst my colleagues at work. Sorry I didn’t give you any travel tips for Thailand, but I think you did more than fine without any tips from me. I got one tip from you and went fishing in Songkhla. I didn’t catch anything worth of mentioning. Guess what my first scooter in Thailand was? Suzuki Love! My friend named it ‘The Love Bike’ and it served me well for two years. I paid 7000B for it as well. I guess it’s the going rate for Love bikes in Thailand. Mine was metallic green. In the end after almost all plastic parts were broken and not having the green book I decided to set my Love free and she’s still running happily around rubber tree plantations in Southern Thailand. I hope that I can read about your new adventures some day, I think you missed couple of places.. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your stories with everyone. I’d like to finish my post with a question. After seeing all those different countries, which ones you could consider living in? Cheers, Tommy

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