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Taj Mahal- Now, I’ve been to India.


The Taj Mahal I think is the epitomy of what people think about when they hear “India”, well that and trash, but I already went into all of that. For me, it was a must do as there are a few things that I set as targets or as a “must do.” I guess it is the same for most people as it is hugely visited and the Indian government was smart enough to make it the most expensive ticket for a temple/palace/mosque/man made building. $750Rps or about $19US gets you an entry ticket, a half litre bottle of water, and some shoe coverings (so as not to scuff the tile.) To put it into perspestive, my hotel cost $150Rps a night. Of course India uses the two tier system for locals and foreigners so locals pay a more reasonable $20Rps. As I was saying, it was on a must see status, so I pushed hard the feeling of taking a few photos from the roof top restaurant and calling it a day. Besides, its the Taj Mahal.

If you want a more formal description, you can read about it here. Taj Mahal

A Steve quickie description is that it is a grand complex built by a Mughal Emperor in memorial for his wife. So, in reality it is a big beautiful Mausoleum. Surrounding the Taj are the minarets, a red sandstone mosque with an identical building on the other side being the Jawab. In front are putting green lawns with intricate built fountains and pools.

The central Taj structure is made of semi-translucent white marble, carved with flowers and inlaid with thousands of semiprecious stones in beautiful patterns.

I ended up deciding on doing an evening tour as getting up for sunrise is just out of the question. Unfortunately, security is really tight so you are only allowed to bring in your camera and a bottle of water. No bags and not even a book is allowed. I gave myself a few hours to wander around and get a feel for the place before sunset. Overall it was an okay evening of people watching and just contemplating life. There was no exciting sunset or special color changes so it wasn’t all that necessary to do a sunset except for the fact that it did take a little bit of the haze away for photos. Beyond that, I wouldn’t go again, but if your in India, I guess it is a must see.

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  1. Pune Suites says:

    You might as well see the TAJ if you’re anywhere in that part of the country, its difficult to see something so old , yet so magnificent.

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