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Surf town Central America- El Primo: La Libertad


I had a urge to see the ocean so it was a couple of buses to take me to the world renowned (in the surfer world I guess as I had never heard of it) surf beach town of La Libertad. The town itself was your basic scruffy port town without an actual port. It was however the ocean and that was what I was in the mood for. It was out of surf season as although there was a nice consistent break right out front, they were not what I would consider anything more than average. I guess when the storms and tides pick up it must get fairly brisk. It would have been a perfect time to take a lesson and get back in the water, but I just donĀ“t feel like starting up a new hobby. It is kind of like golf or poker, for someone like me, it would pretty much be the end for anything else but, and with the whole Pacific coastline stretching all the way back up to California, if I started, I would never get home . Most likely I would have ended up with me buying a new motorcycle, mounting a duel surf board rack, and end up being that crazy guy riding up the freeway with a couple of surf boards flapping in the wind. Plus, with Hawaii and Australia just across the ocean, it would not be good.

So with surfing off the list, it pretty much ended up being this weird sleep catch up situation as I ended up getting a room in this really run down but homey little place with a little patio and my own hammock. I slept 14 hours the first night and another 12 the next. I think it was the constant tv that had been throwing off my sleep cycle and my body required some non-tv induced sleep. It might also be that at night time you could hear the ocean waves crashing down on the beach which is much better than dogs barking, horns blaring, and neighbors snoring.

I had a sneaky suspicion that it was pretty dead due to the fact that it was the week day and on weekends they get heavy San Salvador weekenders so I ended up hopping on the bus early saturday morning heading towards the airconditioned highlands of the North West.

Boats were stored on the pier. They had a sort of manual lift to lower them down into the water. First time I had seen that.

This was actually a fairly thought out pier. On the mainland they had a lot of little seafood/ceviche restaurants serving fresh off the boat seafood. The first quarter of the pier was covered with tarpaulins and housed the fish market. The rest of the pier housed the fishing boats and the end had the crane that lowered and lifted the boats to the pier.

With the sea must come a sunset photo.

The rugged other side shore line.


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  1. I would die to be Surfing El Salvador right now.

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