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Sudan: Royal Cemetary of Meroe.

I previously eluded to my cool day of adventuring while in Khartoum. The basic run down is that I woke up, got a hair up my ass, and decided against my better judgement that because of my extraordinary traveling abilities I could fine tune an adventure down to optimum efficiency and time. Boy I was lucky it worked out as I could still be stuck out in the desert now.

Long story short. Mini-bus across town to secondary bus station. Fought my way through expensive buses to cheap and hot mini-bus. Headed off three and a half hours through the desert on the way to Atbara. Spotted these cool looking pyramids off in the distance. Had the driver drop me off and I walked across the frying pan desert to the Royal City/Cemetary of Meroe. Spent a couple of hours hunting through the pyramids for lost treasure and then headed back to the road to hopefully wave down a ride back to Khartoum. Ran into the equipment manager of the road crews and was given sweetened milky rice, coffee, and water. We chatted a bit about family, travel, and spending time out in the desert. It would have been to spend the night there like many do, but I was tired of roughing it. Got picked up by a military patrol who were cool enough to give me a ride, stopping by a local mosque for prayer and me a coke, then dropping me off at a local police stop. There the officer made a truck driver give me a ride to another check point where a bus had a open seat and which took me the rest of the way back to Khartoum. It was around 8pm and the streets were packed with traffic. All the mini-buses were full so I spent the next two hours walking back to the hotel. Finally, dropping into bed around 11pm. I was only off by about five hours from the original efficient plan, but at least I made it back. A pretty good damn adventure which I chock up totally to not having to drag Sergio around.

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