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Suchitoto, El Salvador: Recommended


As soon as we pulled into the colonial town of Suchitoto I knew I had made the right decision. To Salvadoreans it is a sacred place as it was not scarred by the civil way and represents how the country would have been if it had not. I think what made it so inspiring versus the many other colonial towns that I had been in CA was that it was very quaint and at the time non-touristic. It was even smaller than Juayua and it was in fact true to life a hundred years ago as the roads were still cobblestone and all the roofs the classic spanish tile. Also, unlike the others it was filled with just locals. Not really any Salvadorean tourists. I of course had hit it right coming at mid week but was pretty sure that it got pretty busy on weekends. Apparently they have a smaller food fair as well on weekends, but I prefered the relaxed mid week to be able to soak up the old time vibe. I ended up getting a normally $25 room for half price as I ran into a lady that ran the place while walking around town. Full amenities including air conditioning. On top of that it had the best views in town which covered the plaza, the mountains and even the lake below. It is definitely a photographers haven as wandering down the cobblestone streets with the earth tone painted crumbling buildings all gussied up for all sorts of artistic shops. I really enjoyed my time there. Oh yea, the weather was perfect again.


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