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Stung by bees.

So I left the country of Rwanda feeling pretty good. Ate some/a lot of food. Drank lots of Fanta, and slept. It wasn’t a super exciting time but it was perfect for what I was looking for. That fifth star would have come had there been cable/satellite tv in my room. Anyways, hopped on a mini-bus and swerved around a thousand hills before arriving in the capital city of Burundi, Bujumbura.

Bujumbura is the capital city of Burundi. Burundi is the tiny country just south of Rwanda, east of DRC, north of Tanzania, and west of Tanzania. They, much like Rwanda experienced a rather recent Civil war that actually just settled in the last few years. If you notice how elementary my country information seems to be, well thats because I don’t have my guidebook to copy from. Sorry to disappoint those that thought I was scholarly. Landscape wise, as Rwanda is known as the 1000 hills, Burundi is known for some pretty big mountains. They also have half of the longest lake in Africa, Lake Tanganika which it shares with the DRC and Tanzania. The capital itself is one of the smaller manageable kind based right at the northern tip of the lake.

With wars comes NGO’s, which are Non-governmental organizations. They are the ones coming from all over the world to assist a troubled country. For me, I am not so sure how effective they are, but I am satisfied as they are at least trying. They are also probably the number one consumer of white Land Cruisers. The negative that they cause as a tourist is they inundate towns and cause mass inflation in accommodation prices since they basically have unlimited budgets and are looking for as much creature comfort as possible. Basically, this whole paragraph was written because Bujumbura is an expensive town to find accommodation. Thats it. $20US a night for the cheap stuff. Damn.

Being a newly recovering Civil war country, the tourist attractions aren’t quite up to snuff so most places have either fallen to the way side or aren’t recommended to travel to. For this reason, Burundi was going to be a one shot and out. For my one shot, I wanted to take a Ferry down the Tanganika to Kigoma, Tanzania. It wasn’t a high energy intensive trip, but was probably pretty spectacular as on the DRC side were volcanoes and high mountains and on the Burundi side many lake villages.

Well, short story shorter, there was no Ferry as the service had been discontinued because of the war and I did not have time to waste looking for other boats ($20 a night), so off I went. Hopped on another minibus which was not too bad because we ended up cruising along the lake shore pretty much all the way to the border. When we hit the border we climbed to the top of the bordering mountains and got to see some excellent sites. It worked out okay.

So, although I only spent two days and one night in Burundi, it was okay.

Oh yea, bees. Stung by bees. Not yet, next post.

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