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St. John, USVI

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A buddy of mine from Key West dropped by for a few days so after hitting the usual St. Thomas spots, I decided to take him to St. John to do some snorkeling and beaching.

St. John is the smallest of the three primary islands that make up the USVI at about 28 square miles. Two-thirds of the island was set aside as a National Park. Although it gets its share of tourist traffic, St. John has managed the best out of three in regards to Ecology. Unfortunately, none of the three are even close to what I would call ecologically sound. Humans are the downfall of everything (I?m no different, I shuttled my car across.) Speaking of shuttling, there are car ferries and people ferries. Car ferries are cars that attracted to the same manufacturer ie. BMW to BMW, Honda to Honda, while people ferries are same sex attracted. HA HA, I?m so funny. Anyway?s, there are Ferry?s that dock on Charlotte Amalie (Downtown on the Waterfront), and also in Red Hook on the East End. From Downtown the trip takes about 45 minutes while the East End takes about 15 minutes. From Redhook you can transport your car round trip for $35-$42 depended on which of the three Ferry companies you use. The people shuttle runs $3.00 one way. I actually took the Ferry randomly when I just needed a change of pace. It?s a great stress reliever just like taking a drive in my car. It appeases the Island Fever that pops up occassionally.

We decided to hit a couple of the higher rated snorkeling places. The highest rated snorkeling spot is WaterLemon Cay. Not Watermelon, Water-Lemon. It?s a slightly out of the way spot that requires a drive to the North East End of the Island a short hike and a quarter of a mile swim. This was a small but a great area for shoreline access snorkeling. It is basically Boat Tour type quality snorkeling.

After a great swim and being wounded by a Sea Urchin (See my other post about those freaking things.) We did a few beach stops on our way back towards Trunk Bay. We stopped off at Cinnamon Baybecause of the drastic color change of the water. It looked kind of greenish but it had some nice soft fine sand and mirror calm water.

Next was the most commercialized beach on St. John, Trunk Bay. Basically a beautiful beach with a small cay right off the beach that has become so popular that they have incorporated a snorkeling trail. It was the only place that we went that was packed with tourists. For someone just visiting one beach, Trunk Bay would score high. When you compare the conditions of the underwater life between WaterLemon and Trunk, you can see the destruction that has taken from over use. The more extreme is the condition of St. Thomas? premier snorkel spot of Coki Point. A spot that gets pounded by hundreds of tourists on a daily basis and is about 30′ by 60′. We did a full tour and called it a day. The place is great in regards to amenities. Shower stalls, multiple food booths, picnic areas, trash bins, and plenty of staff to keep an eye on things. Overall, a good day.

The next day we also did a Ferry over so Travis could experience the standard Ferry as well as to do a little tourist shopping at some of the Tourist shops that line the streets of Cruz Bay.


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