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Southern Africa- DONE

The end (2).JPG

W ended the trip in Nelspruitt and we went our seperate ways. Daniel and Andrea to Mozambique and me to Pretoria for my passport stuff. The first entry about the trip explains it all so with that finito.

Thanks to Andrea and Daniel for a great and educational tour. Goodby to the Tazz that carried us to places even the 4X4’s couldn’t go.

For me, its rest and recovery as I wait for my credit card to arrive and then heading along the east coast up to Mozambique. I figure I will hang out about a month doing the beach thing before starting my explorations.

I did find out about vaccinations today. To get me caught up will cost around $320R OR $47US. I just have to decided if my health is worth that much. I am paying $300US for health insurance and it would be a waste if I don’t use it. Oh yea, I am back to two naps a day, so I am doing okay.


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