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Sore ass escape.

Bright and early I was back to the moto guys house fully expecting to wait four or five hours to be told that he couldn’t take us. Surprisingly, after only two hours of waiting which including mooching a breakfast, I was off. The plan was that I would take the first ride and my friend would take the second. I could either wait in Idiofa or if I could grab transport, head off to Kitwit where we would meet up at a hotel the guy knew.

We headed off on a little 125 Yamaha. It wasn’t too bad of a fit in the beginning, before we left, with my big pack strapped to the back and my little pack on my back. What made it suck was that the rear footpeg was broken and they had just shoved a piece of wood in its place. My left leg had nothing really to stand on so it made for a hellish ride. The road was only bad in a few places with a lot of ruts and washed out sandy areas. The guy was on a mission to break some record so we were jamming it pretty quick. I quickly decided that I would never opt for a moto again unless I got to drive. We made it a full hour and a half before I had to call it quits and take a break. My ass hurt all the way up through my spine. Having one leg dangling put the full force of bouncing right on my ass. Somewhere along the way I ended up losing his sunglasses he gave me and my water bottle.

A little more than two hours later we arrived in Idiofa. One look around and I wanted out, bad. It wasn’t a bad town, but it was the same dirt road village with a bunch of shops. I was just tired and getting worn out of roughing it and wanted to get to Kitwit which is one of the larger towns in the Congo. The moto guy stopped off at his friends business and we hung out with them for a while. I started to get annoyed because I was again just sitting there hanging out and the guys kept asking for me to buy them beers. Finally, I had enough and grabbed my stuff. They started freaking out like I was an escaped prisoner. I told them I was going to find transport to Kitwit. They started giving me crap about waiting, but I just thanked them and walked away.

About half way to the lot where the Landcruisers waited, I ran into a cruiser that stopped and asked if i was looking for a ride to Kitwit. I was happier than hell to hop in. We ended up going to some guys house. There they said I could wait for three hours until they were ready to leave. I about lost it again and told them I wasn’t waiting. They explained they had to wait for more people, but if I was willing to pay for the extra seats, we could leave then. I told them to fuck off and started to leave. The main guy said to hold on, that we would leave then. I said fine and we headed out. We ended up going to a mission just outside of town where we picked up a bunch of people. Then we headed back into town where we went to another house. The guy wasn’t there so we went back into town and picked up the guy. We went back to his house to get his stuff. Then we went back to the original house where we started from. I was really getting pissed. Then, I saw the ticket guys paperwork and they were charging me more than everyone else. I told the guy to fuck off again, and blew up. I had wasted two hours just driving around with them and I was pissed. On top of it all, a guy walks up and says hello. I just said “hello” and blew him off. It turned out the guy was from Immigration. Fuuuuuuckkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! He wanted me to go to the office so I could give him my documents. I was bummed. Finally the owner of the truck got involved and gave me a good price for all the problems. He said they would leave then and talked to the immigration guy for me. We would stop off at the office on the way out of town and he could stamp my paperwork. So after another hour of motor tuning, paperwork shuffling, and getting the owners luggage, we were off. It was funny, at the immigration office, we stopped long enough to drop the immigration guy off and then we took off without doing any paperwork. The officer had forgotten his paperwork in the back so as we left they threw all his stuff out the window, all the time laughing. I was amused up to the point I realized that if we got caught, all the wrath would probably be taken out on me.

With that, began my next leg which was via Land Cruiser to the real, full size town of Kitwit.

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