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Self numbing ass.

Day 16 Wednesday, in Lusaka, Zambia waiting for something about my Congo Visa. The stage I am now is that I go to the Embassy, put my name in space number one on the visitor login book and then take a seat in my special Steve waiting chair, a bright red, plush, sofa chair. I sit there until 4pm and then I leave. I do not wander, I do not chat, I do not eat, I do not pee, I do not sleep (well that would be a lie), I just sit. The reception guys try not to look at me in the eye and the guards are stunned that the Congo gvt won’t give me a visa. I have learned to focus to a point now that I can minimize my heartbeat and breathing to barely a trickle. As the title suggests, a self numbing ass also comes into play. Even the flies have learned to avoid the lump of death that snatches them when they land and disposes their body onto a nice pile on the bright red plush carpet. Perhaps tomorrow I will turn my focus on levatating things.

I write this not only to let people know where I am, but also because of the people that I have met at my new residence at Cha Cha Cha backpackers who do not quite understand the amount of pain I will endure in order to win. The Israeli guys Erin (the secretive military guy who knows military secrets, Jonathon the cultural unbendable stick), The Germans (Kirsten and Nicky the German version of Barbie and Ken (but really nice)), Daniel (The Chinese prophet or possible religious fanatic), Claudio (The East German, white Rasta, wanderer/crazy guy with crazy hair who wants to destroy the planet on the Simpsons), Megan (the spoiled one who won’t touch my passport because of all the diseases it must have from all the weird countries) and to all the others who don’t believe in the Congo or me. I will stay in my little encampment, eat my mounds of meat and jam donuts, and spend the light of the day sitting in a red room in order to have the priviledge of getting sick and possible dying in a fourth world country.

I WILL NOT QUIT. Tell your local Congo representative that Steven Nakano will not give up!!!!!!

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