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SanVicente, El Salvador: Quick stops


The guidebook said it was worthy of a short stop, so who am I to question that. One of the things that I am liking about the Central America travels is that as the countries are rather small, distances between sites are relatively short. I am trying to limit my physical bus time to less that two hours so I am slowly traversing along but making up time by doing more one and outs. San Miguels claim to fame is their Eiffel toweresquel building in the central park. You could apparently climb the tower as i saw some locals up on top, but when I asked the police guard if it was possible he did a quick look around and said yes but it cost a dollar. Now, if it wasn´t for that suspicious look around I wouldn´t have thought twice about it, but as it smelled a bit like he was trying to scam me and I hate that shit I passed. Checking into the only hotel that I was able to find was also odd. When I went into the hotel via the downstairs little restaurant I asked the girl if they had rooms. She said yes and that they were $15. I was kind of taken aback as I was only paying less than $10 at other towns. I thought the town seemed cool enough for maybe a couple of days stay so I asked if she would drop the price if I stayed more nights. She countered with the fact that the room was $15 up to three nights. Now I took that as being $15 per night for the first three nights and then possibly the price dropped on the fourth night. No, it was $15 and you can stay for up to three nights. ????? So, I asked again, I could stay three nights for a total of $15 or one night and pay the same $15. Yup. By this time a local guy who was eating there with his friend jumped in as he was listening in and getting confused as well. He asked her in Spanish and he translated back to me that it was $15 and I could stay up to three nights. Never had I had that offer before so I said okay, at worse I stay two nights which would even out the cost. I checked out the room and it was basic but nice and included a bathroom and cable tv. Couldn´t beat that so I signed in and paid the $15. I had enough free time to walk around the town and check out all the basics. Found a couple of decent food places and was pretty much bored with the town by nightfall. By then I had already made up my mind that whatever the cost, I was still going to leave the next day. Upon check out I learned that the owner were gone for the day and the girl that was helping run the hotel portion really was not sure what was going on. It was in fact $15 per night but if you would stay for three nights they would drop it down to $10. It was a bit odd, but in the end my sense of reality was still correct.

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