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San Miguel, El Salvador


Leaving the border post I met up with a Nicaraguan family from Somoto who were waiting for a bus to Guatemala. Apparently the father was on his way back to Texas in order to find work. He had been there years ago but had since returned to his family. It was now time to go back and make some money. One thing I had forgotten about while in Somoto was their famous cheese curl thingies. I forgot what they are called, but the town is known for it. Well, as we started talking they gave me a batch and I got to try them. They taste like those cheesey square crackers, not triscuits, but those orangish/yellowish squares that are super cheesy. Anyways, they taste like that. They also have some where honey is baked into the center which gives them a sweet cheesy flavor. Nice. It was a while but a mini bus finally came which would take me to a larger town where I could catch a regular bus to San Miguel. I was fortunate again when we pulled into town just when a San Miguel bus was ready to leave. I grabbed my stuff and hopped on to one of the newer style Brazilian buses. It had been a while since I had been on a luxury bus with recliner seats, tvs showing movies, and airconditioning. Unfortunately, we were on one side of a mountain range and had to cross over the twisty, curvy, roads down to the oher side. In those style buses, the windows out the front are closed off so you can´t distract the driver and the window shades are kept closed to keep the sun out, so you are basically just in a box through those windy roads. It was the first time in a long time that I felt car sick. Luckily it was only a hour and a half although it was still a full half an hour after I got off the bus that I didn´t feel like puking. Good times.

San Miguel was another one of those transit towns where tourist sites were lacking but due to their proximity require an overnight stay. I ended up finding another cool hotel so shacked up for a couple of nights primarily to get acclimated again, but also to catch up on some tv watching. I was staying at the Hotel Monte Carlo, so it of course was all luxuried out.

The town was the capital of the region so was big and sprawling. I walked around a bit and found the Church/Plaza as well as the market. Probably the most interesting was spotting a big ass volcano overlooking the town. Fortunately, I am not in need of a “I climbed a volcano” badge so a picture was sufficient.

The other favorable mention was this excellent buffeteria which was this huge mama´s place was pans and pans of great food on offer. At night that part of the restaurant shut down and they opened up the garage part of the restaurant where they cooked the national food, Pupusas. Pupusas are basically corn meal patties stuffed with refried beans, cheese, and sometimes chicharrones (fried pork bits). On top is a sort of cole slaw and some pickeled onions. If you want to get an idea of the flavor, just go to Taco bell and get a standard bean burrito. Damn good stuff either way although I am actually swayed a bit towards the Taco Bell variety. After usually 3-4pm, pupusas are pretty much the only thing available unless you can find some chain style restaurant. The bad thing is night time sleeping sounds like the trumpet section of a marching band, and you get some pretty sticky poos. I was kind of used to it though as my traveling diet of cold refried bean burritos resulted in the same effect.


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