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Russian Minsk Motorcycle (Sasha) repair/parts history.

Purchased in Bangok November 03, 2008. ($300US)
Thailand Baht- $1US=35B
Cambodian Rial- $1US=4000R

Bangkok, Thailand
All tools- 639B
New helmet- 850B
Puncture repair kit- 35B
Mirror set- 140B
Spare bulbs (3)- 30B
Tire levers (2)- 120B
Signal lights (back)- 120B
Signal lights (front)- 60B
Wiring pieces- 60B
Mirror bracket (2)- 90B
Air pump- 280B

Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Front brake lever and bracket $7US
Halogen headlight $3US

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) – Tran Hoa
$1US = 16,000D

Generator casing – 250,000
Signal lights (4) – 120,000
Foot pegs (2) – 40,000
Sprockets – 95,000
Front brakes – 50,000
Clutch cable wire – 18,000
Clutch lever and bracket – 75,000
Front brake lever and bracket – 45,000
Tire – 205,000
Tube – 60,000
Spare clutch lever and bracket – 75,000
Labor – 145,000 Above and adjust chain, replace front shock seals, adjust gear box, replace fuel tank bolts/washers, rear brakes, and tighten exhaust.
Welding – 50,000 (front/right foot peg, rear brake rod)

Mechanic: Tran Hoa
Address: 223/2H Pham Viet Chanh
Directions: From Pham Ngu Lao Area (Backpacker/cheap hotel/tourist area)
Head west on Pham Ngu Lao to the main round about. On the far side of the roundabout take Cong Quynh road west. The first left is Pham Viet Chanh. The street is lined with moto repair shops. Tran’s shop is half way down on the right.

Phuoc Son
Spares: Front brake lever and bracket, throttle cable, front brake cable – 100,000

Khe Sahn
Clutch cable wire – 30,000

Hanoi – Cuong Motorbike Adventure
Sprocket – 100,000
Generator coil (spare) – 60,000
Chain – 150,000
Spark plug (spare) – 30,000
Kick start/shifter lever shaft – 100,000
Front light bulb (spare) – 30,000
Swing arm bolt – 80,000
Clutch pack (spare) – 50,000
Labor (above and general repairs ie exhaust, gear box, front suspension) – 200,000

CMA Cuong Motorbike Adventure
No. 1 Luong Ngoc Quyen str
(04) 9261534 or 0913 518 772

Luang Prabang, Laos – Rev’s N More
Repair bad cogs 1st and 2nd gears (weld) temporary fix – 100,000K
$1US = 8500Kip

Rev’s N More (Andy)
Ban PhanLuang
Luang Prabang, Laos
020 777 5632

From main road cross over bamboo bridge, walk straight and you will see bikes on the corner. The shop is two doors down to the right.
From pedestrian and motorcycle only bridge, cross and take first dirt road on left. Follow it until it makes a turn. Shop is on the right or you will come to the corner with the bikes on display in front of bar.

Local Repair Shop
Phonsovan, Laos
Replace 1st and 2nd gears/cogs – 125,000K
Replace gear oil – 35,000K
To get to the shop, follow the main road as it passes through town (coming from Luang Prabang). At the end of town the main road veers to the left, stay on this road. It starts to go down the hill passing a petrol station on the left. A little farther down you will pass another petrol station on the right. Two building down on the left side is the repair place. It has three of four Minsks parked out in front. The guy speaks no English but understands the Minsk.

Motorcycle shop
Phonsovan, Laos
Clutch wire – 10,000K

Motorcycle shop
Phonsovan, Laos
Spare clutch wire – 5000K

Local Repair shop
Phu Khoun, Laos – 130,000K
Liquid weld clutch cover
Weld clutch chain
Weld clutch chain cog
1 litre oil
Shop is located right on T-junction (Luang Prabang road side)

Local Minsk Repair Shop
Phonsovan, Laos – 350,000K
Replace clutch cover
Replace clutch chain
Replace clutch chain cog
I drove back 135kms because I was sure this mechanic could repair and would have the parts that I needed.

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3 responses to “Russian Minsk Motorcycle (Sasha) repair/parts history.”

  1. Tom Allemeier says:

    Hey thanks, Steve!
    I’ve been driving my old Minsk (looks exactly like yours) around Vietnam for the past 11 years. The thing’s been held together pretty much with duct tape and bailing wire for the past 5 years or so. When I saw your Webpage I decided to run over to Tran Hoa in Saigon and see what he could do for me. He’s been working on it for about a week. Stripped it down to the bare frame, painted it and is rebuilding it like new, piece by piece. The guy is amazing – a bit like American Chopper, Vietnamese style. I pick up the bike in two days and I’m really excited. I’m kind of thinking of doing the reverse of your trip, but completing a circle through Cambodia back to Saigon. Thanks for the valuable info! Cheers!
    -Tom Allemeier

  2. Thank you for sharing.
    it’s every beautiful!
    welcome to china motorcycle !

  3. Vern Chila says:

    hello i live in new jersey in the usa i just recived a 125 minsk wild cat it is a complete bike but is missing 3rd gear and yesterday i blew the top end would u be able to sell me a complete engine i can ship u mine its hard to find parts here thanks alot its a really rare bike over here and i look forward to riding it again

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