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RTW stage 1

I have a plan, finally. It sucks to be a lazy bastard when it comes to important life changing events. Anyways, a local airline company LIAT, has a special offer for island hopping. It is called the mini explorer. Basically, for $280. I can hit up to four islands. Now a one way ticket to Venezuela is going for $450 and that requires me flying back to Miami, screw that. For less money I can dillipbop down the lower antilles hitting a few islands before I hit SA. Now more island living isn’t a huge priority for me but who knows if I would ever make it back. This is a perfect example of why you should not take one of those pre-packaged RTW tickets. Something great like this can pop up but you can’ t take advantage of it. Anyway’s, after some deliberation I have come up with the following plan. A week in Dominica (which is a UNESCO site- means its one of very few), a week in Martinique (to study up on my French), a week in Tobago (do some adventuring) and a few days in Trinidad. From there I can take a ferry across to Venezuela and thereby start stage two. Now since it is the night before I am to leave and I have not found a place to stay, the plan is not exactly perfect. Oh well, at worse I stay at some 5-star resort and do the anti-backpack thing. Oh well, I’m just happy as hell I have a starting point. It was going to suck standing at the airport with my thumb stuck out asking for a flight somewhere.

Okay, sounds easy right. Well, like all things, there was a catch. Since I live on the VI they do not offer it to locals. You must end your trip at a destination that you will be leaving on a international flight on. Bastards. Well being the lying, cheating, caniving type of guy that I am, I ran a little scam. Walked on over to American Airlines and bought a one way to Miami. Went back to Liat and got my tickets. Walked back to AA and returned my Miami ticket. Problem solved. Damn I’m good.

Looking forward to stage 2.

The only thing that I do know about stage two is that it should start in Venezuela. The other fact is that I need to score some drugs. Vaccinations that is. Anybody know where to score the good stuff in SA?


2 responses to “RTW stage 1”

  1. Conor says:

    Hey Steve,
    Thanks for the sweet advice you posted on my blog – you tripled my Spanish in one go. Brilliant.
    And your plan to get down to SA is spectacular – i booked my insane ticket as part of an around the world ticket, and did’t have those options. of course, even if i did, i don’t think i would have come up with island hopping to venezuala, which sounds like a total international playboy thing to do. if i’m in your position, i’m using the words “island-hopping” every fifteen seconds around women.
    looking forward to seeing how it goes!

  2. steve says:

    Hey Conor,

    Good to hear from you. Good luck in SA. I should be down there in two weeks.

    Take it easy.