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Responses to Comments…Really late

Just want to catch up on some comments as I am finally getting things worked out with this new laptop and the new site format.

Mom- Doing great. Slowly making my way back to the Fresno side of the world.

Wendy- I did a read of your site. Much more informative than mine. One thing that Bombay does have is a system. Everything has a way of being done. People seem to have problems when they don’t go with the flow.

Priyank- I’ve done the Peru and Israel. Have never been to Toronto. I think that I have been to Canada, but if I had it must have been when I was really little. I think I will wait for the “Invasion” (no more sharing the Americas.) before I head up to the Great White North.

MathMC- Funding as in how I get money as I am traveling? That I do strictly via Debit card. Pretty much all the countries have a standard atm which will take a Visa card. In the few that don’t, I change some local cash into dollars prior to entering the non-atm country. If you are talking funding as in how I am paying for the whole trip, that was just making more money than I was spending or wanted to spend. Had all the toys that I could want and couldn’t figure out why I was working and hence the traveling.

Marisa- I should be heading North for the Spring season starting around April and then spending the rest of the time up in the mountains. Possibly see you there.

Nitesh- Sorry that this might be a little late but I stayed at the Ganesh Guest house across the street from the Om grocery store. It is on the main street about half way down the tourist area. There is still a few of the people still there who I was hanging out with as they were going to hang out there for the rest of the season. The season is winding down so there are plenty of places to stay. What made it so nice was that we had a great group and it was really close to the stores, fruit stands, and markets (you can’t spend all day at the beach.) Good luck on your studies.

Lucy Cole- Not a nutter, just a traveler. The waiting does drive you crazy when you are wanting to get on the road, but it just adds to the pleasure when you finally make it off. You guys at least get the gap year. In the states it is extremely rare to take more than a week or two off at one time. That makes traveling to the more exotic destinations very difficult. Luckily, I don’t have any hang ups about living life so it is easy for me to break away. It’s good to read your enthusiasm.

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