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Hello and thanks for reading the blog. Sorry about the long time between responses. I assume everybody has an idea why.

Mom- Doing fine as always.

Roy- The inspiration is pretty much because I wanted to. Pretty simple but very difficult for people to understand. I am plagued by this ability to do anything or at least anything that I want. I do like living in uncertainty because it just seems a lot more fun than something predictable. My background is pretty wrapped up in the about me page (I think the first or second page of the blog.)

Judy- The maggot holes sealed up pretty well. I figured there would be a good hole, but it was all healed up good as new. I thought gas prices would be a bit cheaper on the island since St. Croix was providing it. Looking at the news, mainland prices are 4-5 dollars a gallon. Friggin incredible. I think the last time I bought gas it was under two dollars. Good luck on the farming, even if the veggies don’t work out you always have the avocadoes and mangoes.

Ande- The bike has made traveling really fun again. The freedom makes the expense worthwhile ten fold. It also gives a few adventure points as cruising with a cool bike definitely creates new travel angles. I hope you enjoyed the high photos because I am fairly certain that they are all gone now. My freaking hard drive crashed and I can’t recover them. Shiiiiiitttttt.

Shawn- Hello fellow long term traveler. My route was basically Caribbean, South America, Africa, Middle East, India/Nepal, followed by Asia and then a decision on which way to get back home, overland back through Russia and Europe or up to Japan and back to the US from Japan/Hawaii (Pacific route). I’ll check out your site.

Debi- Getting my head shave almost achieved the freedom I got by getting a motorcycle. Taking care of long hair is such a hassle. I did save a lot of money if you factor in Western costs per haircut. I actually liked Mumbai. I would go back if someone was going to put me up as that is the only costly part. Plus, you are a train ride away from Goa and a whole bunch of other stuff. I am watching that motorcycle documentary with Ian McCewin (sp?) I think the “Long Way Round”. They are doing the route through Russia. The roads look fairly shit although they seem to be a bit whiney about the whole thing.

Usva- Ahhhh, yes, the Congo. Back in the day when I was adventurous. If you like my sickness there, check out the time I got sick in Ethiopia, that was the worst that I have been down. In the Congo, I self treated myself for the malaria. After being bed ridden for a week I was strong enough to fly out of there and get back to the capital city. There I was able to recover with enough comforts/food to feel healthy enough to get moving on my own. Another thing that people don’t understand that going to a third world hospital is not a very good option. I got treated for Dengue Fever in Venezuela at a public hospital and that was scary enough to opt for self-medicating/surgery. Just imagine what you would find in the Congo in some out of the way village.

Marisa/Judy- Thanks, my head is quite nicely egg-shaped. Feels kind of velcroish though.

JP- Beijing, I am not sure. I am sure I will do the Great Wall somewhere, but it depends on the Visa ability. I am kind of over fighting for Visas, so if there is a hassle I will scratch it off. Now if you are offering a place to stay, food, and a tour guide, I will definitely go.

Dan- No whip cream for your Frappichino. Jesus that sucks. My hell is that the satellite tv that I have in my room has all the nudity shots edited out of HBO and Cinemax movies.

Snarky- Employed or still a bum? Well I went from one cold to another, but at the moment I have found a happy medium in Polkhara.


Acid Spike- I have only been formerly arrested once in Suriname (South America). If you are talking being held for questioning, I would say about half a dozen times, half of which occurred in Sudan because the Sudanese government is full of rat bastards and if the chief of police (notice the lack of capitalization of his title to show as much disrespect as possible) is reading this, you can kiss my ass you piece of turd.

Linda Ryan-Harper- Let’s see. No bookform or publications as I would just hate turning something I like doing into work. Same with fishing, I had an opportunity to try guiding and commercial fishing in Key West, but again I just didn’t want to tarnish something that I liked and would always like. Island wise and beach cities have encompassed a large chunk of my life and I actually am not fond of the ocean (fish toilet). I just end up there because I really am not mesmerized by the whole beach scene so companies are more than willing to pay for my lack of interest. Traveling time frame is not really set but I really need to do a stop over to see family so that is about the only time frame factor. I have done all the child hood dream places so the rest of the world is just gravy.

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3 responses to “Responses to comments.”

  1. Bret says:

    I ran into Travis at a restaurant in Overland Park, and he told a story of a man on a walk or ride about. It is good to see you are living the dream.

  2. Snarky says:

    Hey Steve! A bum no longer… After 9 months of looking I’m now working for a ridiculously expensive fashion company. BTW, had dinner the other night with Jodi and Roxanne. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we all met up for Egyptian Chinese food! Roxanne is considering either a RTW trip of her own, or opening up a hostel in Lima… I’m still envious of your trip. I’m dreaming of my next escape, but I think it will be a couple of years away…

  3. michael says:

    steve we miss you a loooooooooooooooooooooot
    we are back in israel traying to make a living after a long piriot of traveling (well compere to you it is not so long)
    it is very very nice and butifull what you r doing here. i like it very much.
    send us your e mail ( is it –

    miss you very muche michael & edith.
    p.s. if you have more pictures of us please send us.

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