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Responses to comments: Sorry so late again. Still important though.

Okay. First like usual. Mom, I’m still okay.

Judy- Got that e-mail about the dogsledding at your friends lodge. I will definitely have to give Alaska a try. Somewhere in between doing the vacation thing and dying out in the wilderness like in that movie (have not seen it yet but is movie # 215 that I have missed and will be spending a month catching up on, Unlimited Blockbuster rental membership if they still have that.) I am pretty sure I have not been there before, but my parents did drag me around a lot up their north wise, I just don’t remember how far we went. I just remember seeing dead Elk all over the sides of the roads in some piney area.

Marisa- I have grown a bit weary of the whole religious temples and ghats thing, but the bike really added some spice to my traveling. The freedom that it gives is like finding a McDonalds in a remote place. It was kind of like staying in that hostel where we met, just a touch of home in a foreign land.

Frederick- Man, I’m sorry about the map thing. If it wasn’t for you I would have not known that over a years worth of pictures were gone. Luckily the guy that techs the site is really good and gives my site special attention. It still took almost three weeks to get squared away, so sorry I couldn’t get the maps to you before you left. I would have liked to know for myself if they were useful. They are on the top ten viewed pages on my site so there are a lot of people checking them out. I just haven’t heard from anybody that has gone that way. We kind of took different routes but it would be good to know how your trip went.

JP- Thanks for the compliment. Yea- I get a bit lazy posting sometimes, it is almost three years though so I am due a little bit of procrastinating. Actually, some of it is because that there is not a lot of really new and exciting stuff to post, so I don’t get very motivated to write about visiting another temple or castle. Now that I have wireless internet in my room though, bam, I’m on it. Unfortunately I will be leaving in a couple of days heading to a little bit more remote areas so things might slow down a bit.

Catherine- That sewing maching sound is exactly the same pitch mine gives when I am cruising about 60 kms an hour. I bet they are very similar single piston motors. Heavy duty tanks that are virtually indestructable. You seem to have connected with India quite well. I am not such a spiritual guy so it is hard for me to get into that aspect of India. I am pretty happy with my life so I don’t find a lot of need to go in search of things. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? I would like to hear about your motor biking experiences though.

J.- Are you sure your not a messenger from Mohammed (the hotel owner in Lattakia). I had the choice of cable tv or spending the day visiting another castle. In fact there are castles in almost every city in Rajastan and the North west. I’m avoiding a lot of them here too. I would be happy to post some of your pictures of Crac if you send them to me. Really though, my time in Lattakia lazing around getting fat on Chicken, donuts, and Pepsi was some of the best times I had on my trip. Sorry but true.

Man- You were probably tired after six months, but how did you feel the second day after arriving home. Probably wished you were back on the road. That is the part I realize when I get a bit over traveled. I think about all those mundane routine days that are indistinguishable and that I would never remember because there was nothing to concrete them in my memory. I woke up, I went to work, I went to sleep. I think about cemeteries sometimes as well and wonder how much time the people staying there spend wishing they had done something different in their life. “Man, it would have been nice to see the Taj Mahal.”

Jeremy- it may look more dependable, but this last few weeks have not been the best for Schwinn in regards to reliability. I am going to do a post on all the repairs that I have had to do and try to keep it updated for anybody else wanting to get one. My first couple of months were sweet, just add petrol, but lately, shit. You are getting close to home I see, good trip. Props on Iran.

Snarky- Unemployed Snarky. Not like I am going to throw stones. Unemployment=freedom. Just take a step back if you find yourself living under a bridge. That’s my line of despair that keeps me in check. As long as I’m not living under a bridge…

Stoney- I did a couple of maps, they should still be up. They are posted on the side of the main page. I stopped putting much effort into them because it was a bit complicated and also you could only draw straight point to point lines. I could have blown the maps up and did them country by country with all the city points visited, but that would have taken huge amounts of time and money. I think my mom is mapping my progress if you want to stop by there and check them out.

Priyank- Ahhh Peru. I actually took a look at some of the posts from back them. I think it was the country that I posted most about. Peru is a sort of concentrated India with every little village having some must see site. The areas around Juarez really pumped me up for doing some hiking in the Himalayas. Also, the water fights were just like I received here for Holi. Have a great time down there. I did some pretty good write ups on Peru so it would be a half decent guide if you wanted to get a sampling of what to do there.

Pune Suites- Yea, good old Taj. I do have to say though, the Golden Temple in Armitsar in my opinion is a much better place to visit. They are both very beautiful, but the vibe at the Taj is kind of like visiting a museum while the Golden Temple is this really spiritual place even for the non-follower. But like you said, if your in the area it is a must see.

Acid Spike- The Pak-India thing was a good evening show. I am glad I went. Those are the the types of things that makes me appreciate the bike even more. If I was just doing standard travel, I probably wouldn’t have gone since it would have been kind of a hassle to get there and get back with so many tourists.

Kaylee- Now, I can’t personally vouch that Jesus was born there, but a whole lot of people throughout history have said yes. Right there in that spot they have it all “Jesus was born here” motiffed, so I think the majority would say yes. The other picture was kind of like Yassar Arafats tombstone. I am guessing it is like a Koran or some Arabic scripture. Again, can’t verify it, but thats what everybody was saying as well as the signing around the place. Be careful about what you take for truth on this site as I only went as far as Colege (get it, that’s a joke.) Seriously though, up to 8th grade it would pass as okay, beyond that you better stick with other resources.

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