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Responses to Comments: Out of Office two weeks.

Sorry, but I have to get moving. Sudanese Government definitely does not like tourists. I will be hip hopping along the Nile through the Desert. Should take me about a week, then a ferry to Egypt. Man, it’s hot.

Sandy- sorry about getting robbed, sounds like you got hit big but it could have been a lot bigger. I always just figure the travel gods are smiling, well spitting a bit, then smiling.

Racho-Yabello was a nice town to hang out. Still basic, but clean, organized, and had good facilities. I got there really late and a police officer and then a waiter at a different hotel made sure I got a bed, and then found some food for me. My friend there is Yeneneh Wolde, doubt that you know him, but you never know.

Chris- What goes around comes around is fine and I really hope so, but I want it to come around now with me watching it and cheering.

Ben- Little Australia, how’s Austria doing these days. Good to see you made it home okay. If your wanting to go back, then that means you had a good trip. I would go back to Addis anytime.

Mom- Cream puffs, cold noodles, fried rice, stuffed bell peppers, grilled eggplant, grilled peppers, Thanksgiving dinner before you switched to grocery store package deals, Roast Beef, beets not so much…

Todd (friend of Marisa)- Oh, don’t misinterpret my jolly writing for what I really feel. Rage comes to mind. I spent the next few days trying to figure out how I would burn down Ethiopia and half the territory of its bordering neighbors. Unfortunately, my rage level is hovering around a .3 with a solid 8 needed before I write down my “Rage” list and start raging like a Banshee. I spiked pretty high when that village women dumped out my water. Why would she do that?

Wisomarazen- thanks for reading and commenting.

Soraya- Muchas Gracias. Tu blog is muy artistica and intersante. Eres tu una artista? Mi gusto aprender (about) otro personas viajando o viviendo.

Snarky- Thanks for the props. I keep telling people its like taking photos of a gorgeous model. No matter how crappy at taking the photo, the subject matter fixes it all. If you decide to head north, maybe I will see you in Egypt or the Middle East.

Daniel- I did do some asking around, and it strictly comes from the belief that the breeze is bad for the health. Now who started that I have no clue and why it has spread to Mexico. One guy I met had a creative solution. He carries a little stick about two to three inches long which he sticks in the windows channel so it is not possible to close. He slams it a couple of times to show the other passengers he tried, but just blames it on bad equipment, and who is going to argue with that reason.

Tessa- 10 years from now, I ain’t doing nothing that isn’t tourist package heaven. I don’t even want to have to flush the toilet myself. If there is no toilet, then the tour operator is going to carry one.

Aster- thanks for the props.

Mary- I sent you an e-mail regarding Lubumbashi. One to two weeks is a lot of time, but with all your family around, that should keep you busy. Unless your spending big bucks, you kind of need to keep reminding yourself that you are in the Congo.

Marisa- Usually I am not a church person, but these were way different and were worth the extra effort. Pretty unique stuff. Which women are those? I sure haven’t met anyone who wanted to hear my grossest part of the trip and then started snuggling up. Everyone keeps glancing at me to see where I am going to scratch.

Judy- love the Alaska pics. The one that really hurt was the salmon on the grill. My buddy Jerry (who I just talked to) used to do an annual Alaska trip. He would bring back all these beautiful Salmon. I had this old smoker and we would split the salmon open, spice it, cover it with butter, and then smoke it. We would just devour it with our hands. Ah damn, that hurts just writing about it. My other buddy (who I just talked to) is post-poning his Alaska move for another year, but it definitely has my attention. That and being a cowboy in Texas (people laugh, but I ain’t kiddin’) I am actually a pretty big red neck especially back in the day. Me driving down the farm road in my BMW Z-3, shotgun in hand, Shitzu dog riding shotgun, hunting turkeys. A true metro-redneck. Good times.

Okay folks, thanks for the comments, spammers, no my breasts don’t need enlargement, I gotta run and get the hell out of the Sudan. It is really hot and I am sleeping on a roof with 30 Muslim men. Foods good though. Just follow the Nile, thats my route. I will finish up with Ethiopia when I get to Egypt and the very touristy route.

Yesterday, I took a mini-bus across town to a bus station, jumped on a bus, drove 3 1/2 hours out into the desert, had them pull over and let me out, walked until I ran into some tombs and pyramids. Had coffee, sweet milky rice, and barrel water with the manager or a road crew who stays out in the desert with the equipment one week a month, got picked up by a army patrol and taken to the police check point, hopped on a cabbage truck to the next check point, switched over to a bus back to Khartoum, ended up walking all the way across town because it was rush hour and no rooms on buses, and then passing out at 11pm back up on the roof with my 30 other roof sleeping buddies. Not a bad day. Not a bad day.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Re. dangerous drafts: I recently read that the French also believe that moving air is unhealthy, so I asked a French person about this. Her explanation of the belief was that air that cooled you would not cause actual disease, but could cause symptoms of physical stress, like muscle aches or respiratory congestion. I guess that makes more sense. But still, on a hot bus ride…

  2. Snarky says:

    Let me know when and where you’ll be in Egypt. I’ll be in Cairo from the 15-18 or so, and then doing the Aswan/Luxor thing sometime from the 20th to the 2nd. Don’t have firm plans for that latter time, let me know when you’re going to be there.

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