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Responses to Comments: Late again, sorry for the rudeness.

1. Mark in Delhi
To the author of this misinformed and patriotic blog post about India, accept it – India is one of the filthiest places on the planet.
I am a well traveled expat, I’ve been to China, S. Korea, India, Canada, Italy, France, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Mexico, United States, and Germany. India is the MOST smelly and filthiest place I have ever experienced! In India, I was there for two weeks. I traveled to New Delhi (and Old Delhi), Mumbai, Japuir, Agra, and Goa. Filth is everyone. Yes, there were “spots” and “isolated” sections that were clean, but not enough of them. You walk 3 blocks in any direction, from a clean area, and you walk into filth. Absolute filth. I nearly died from food poisoning because no one washes their fucking hands! I recall walking down a restaurant lined street and watched the head chef duck out out the front door to take a piss on the street, then he went right back in and prepared the food with his bare hands. This was not an isolated incident, most Indians have no idea of why they need to use soap. It’s astonishing. It has over 1 billion people and nearly 500M or more of them do not wash their hands or exercise basic hygiene. In no other country, supposedly as advanced as India, did I see such filth.
You say Canada is dirty? Are you stupid? Have you really been there? It’s one of the cleanest places! yes, it has garbage heaps here and there, like any other city – but, in India, every street and corner is a garbage heap. There is literally raw sewage and trash everywhere, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to not step on it on your way out from a 5-star hotel or a 1-star hotel. It doesn’t matter.
I will never visit India again for more than 3 to 4 days. The masala spice smell wasn’t bad, it’s only bad when it’s mixed in with sewage and trash, which then becomes a very odd smelling odor that permeates the air and eventually your skin and clothes. Yuck.
– Mark

Steve: On a slightly odd good note, the roughness is part of Indias charm. Spick and span is expensive and boring. It does also make you realize how well you have it, and how resilient the people are to adapt to anything.

2. Drew
I met Indians in California where I am from and they were OK. However,
when I visited Bangalore recently and it was filthy and crappy. India seems to have an evil government run by the most terrible people. The population there is mostly poor and despite the IT hype, I found to be mostly borderline retarded. Sure, corporations are moving industry there en masse for what is essentially slave labor.

Steve: I would also have to agree that the issue unfortunately has to deal with the government. Like I said in my original post, the people take gread pride in their appearance (self cleanleness) and the cleanliness of home, but you do have to realize that there is no formal waste disposal options in a lot of areas. What would America look like if you took away the mob run waste management companies. We put it in our garbage cans, put the can out on the street and the next morning before you waken the garbage disappears. Think of what you would do if that didn´t happen. You would either let it pile up or dump it in the nearest open spot outside of your property.

Now, can we focus our hate on the French, and possibly Mennonites (still not sure what they are up to as my first experience was seeing them in Belize, but as they are probably not on the net, they would make an easy target.) Oh yea, the Sudanese government and that Ethiopian tribal lady that poured out my water, still can´t let that go.

3. Tiffany
I am such a huge fan. I have always wanted to travel the world, and through your blog I am free to do so from the comforts of my home.. though i think i would rather be in your posistion. I dont belive you are 43 either, and my boyfriend is from laos so I guess I already know that asains look you… but you look totally young. I would never have guess you were 43. And Beliz is BEAUTIFUL. I guess I am off to enjoy another place. Keep traveling you are keeping alot of people entertained.

Steve: I don´t know, if you got cable tv and get all the travel channels they pretty much cover everything and they get to do all the extra special stuff as they are usually funded quite well. Anthony Bourdain´s cooking show is my favorite as he will cover the crap (and call it crap) as well as the good where most shows make everything seem like paradise. I would recommend Belize, I´ll probably go back, in fact I was thinking about pissing off on Mexico and going back to Belize.

4. Judy Frazee
You spike up my day. (something like your hair!) Thanks. I’m smiling. judy

Steve: Salt water spray is a natural hair gel.

5. Ofelia
hola! me gustaria como se escribe el nombre de ofelia en finicio ya que quiero tatuarmelo, pero me es imposible encontrar un traductor o algo que me diga como es. si me puede ayudar se lo agradeceria! muchas gracias, saludos

Steve: Eso sería duro hacer. Mi egipcio no es muy bueno. Sugeriría tratar uno de los servicios de traducción en la red o contactar una agencia de viajes egipcia.

6. Kiran Goud
Nice 1 Steve…..

Steve: Gracias.

7. Elvina Spurgers
I like the layout of your blog and I’m going to do the same thing for mine. Do you have any tips? Please PM ME

Steve: De acuerdo.

8. Judy Frazee
Well, I guess you’d better soak it up before you go back to the real world! More power to you. jude

Steve: The real world I am looking forward to.

9. justin
mir and i took that ferry…livingston is a weird little place.

Steve: I did not click to that place at all. I guess for a day trip it would be alright or if you were taking a river trip up or down. I didn´t find anyone with info on the Mirador trek so happily skipped it. My Nepal boots couldn´t handle anything more than a evening walk through the Central Park so definitely not the best time for mud jungle trekking.

10. EFie27
great shot of the bee!

Thanks. This camera doesn´t have the best macro feature so close ups aren´t as close up as I would like. I want something that would have shown bee leg hair.

11. Rob Osborn
Just got back from Purerto late last week. Cool vibe there. It’s funny what we complain about though. I had a few hunger pangs for American grub but down there the fruit is better than I could buy in America with Bill Gates money. So, why should I care if American junk is on every corner when pineapple tastes better than ever. You can only it for so long though.

Steve: I have been resisting the Golden Arches as much as possible. It is not that difficult as I still am enjoying the Mamacita street food. Bimbo Penguinos however are a different story.

12. hsuan
this is hsuan!!today is chinse new year and valentine’s day !!feliz!!!
today i tought i need to visit your website and leave some words for those gifts,i am so surprise to see this article,last week when we seprated one of my taiwan’s friend came to copan visit me,and i told her the story about you,cause i was unhappy and confuse about my role,and you came then gave the adviese so intelligent,its really helpful,and i tought you are the backpacker it maybe would’t like to take the picture as monery,so i wasnt ask for taking picture.
anyway i am really happy to meet you, and help me even you dont know what you actually did for me,but thanks so much!!!!i leave my wbe(flickr) there are my arts work and also with children’s,and i plan to have a show when i leave Honduras,those arts will from my children and me,because this is part of my life and them also!!!when it comes i will sent you those photos!nice to meet you!!and stay in tough!!!

Steve: It was a pleasure to meet you. Like I write about often, I am not too fond of many of the Ngo´s and their practices as well as the less than intelligent things some of the volunteers do or think, however I am often corrected when I meet people like you who question the status quo and are willing to change things that are just not right. I think you are doing a great job. The kids were great and I wish I stayed longer. Good luck and good travels.

13. Steve N.
WANDERLUST!! Love the trek!! You are a pro, man.
I’m currently working in the Congo (Pt. Noire) and am now dying to take the train.

Definitely more interesting if you don´t get Malaria. If I get a wild hair or if someone wanted to finance it, I would like to do a north to south through the Congos focusing more on the Congo river itself and north Central Congo. Great memories of the Congo I have. I hope things improve for everyone there.

14. Judy Frazee
Dear Steve,
It warmed my heart to read of you spending time and money with the orphans!! And the fact you bypassed the mongers really made me happy!! The pictures of the kids are absolutely precious—they look so HAPPY!!! You done good!! judy

I would defer all that to my buddy Hsuan who is in the think of it every day over there.

15. federico
Hi steve from Italy!!! I’m planning a similar trip to yours beginning on October. I’ll stay out with my girlfriend for around 5 years. Do you have a rough idea of how much did it cost for you the whole trip? We have a budget of around 35000 euro each (that mean around 48000 US$), from my researches it should be enough. What do you think about that? Thank you for your help, you have been a great source of inspiartion in the recent years.

Steve: The budget will be fairly easy to maintain as long as you can stay focused and are willing to make sacrifices. A lot also depends on where you travel to as all continents have their expensive and cheap countries as well as how much you are moving around. My golden rules for saving money are no drugs or alcohol, no gambling, and be careful with women (catch-22 if you are bringing your own.) Also, remember you don´t have to see everything or do all the tourist crap as a lot is pretty much the same. Pick and choose your activities and that saves a bundle.

16. Immanuel
Hi ,
Liked your Article , Great way to explore! You got a dinosuar to ride mine is also similar one. I just love to ride to hear the thumper ! I have my Bullet uploaded in flick.Hope that makes u smile

Steve: Nice ride. I would love to have the Enfield now. Nothing beats traveling with a motorcycle. The freedom, how much I miss it so.

17. notoin
I am from germany and living in abu dhabi and dubai since about 6 years now. Around 80% of the foreigners here are indians and the other expats from all over the world really love their nice cultivated behaviour, their good smell and the rich indian culture which they bring to this region. It is always refreshing to see them driving a car / truck / bus and how they do adapt to the traffic rules.
It is also easy to clearly identify areas / buildings where the population is mostly of indian origin.
They are different to all other people, very different….

Steve: People are the same all over the world, the good, the bad, and everything in between. The culture is a very important part as the Indians make the world more colorful in many ways. Just think of the food. I think the culture far outweighs the issue of rubbish back in India. Glad others realize that as well.

18. Sarah
Hi, thanks for sharing the great information and resources by this helpful post, i found this blog while searching on Internet. Sarah

Steve: Your welcome.

19. Renato
Steve let me know when you are in Guatemala. Would enjoy inviting you to a brew and hearing about your
travels. You can write to me at ……………

Steve: I forgot all about your invitation. Thanks for the offer. I´ll give you a ring.

20. Joshua Berman
Which guidebook?

Steve: Lonely Planet Central America on a Shoestring.

21. Tekalign
Just I read it because it talks about my native town.

Steve: Thanks for reading and responding. Ethiopia and its south are one of my fondest places where I have traveled.

22. Marisa
Happy New Year to you too!
I spent Xmas feeding the Costa Rican mosquitoes and other insect life of the SW Pacific coast. Have lots of itchy spots as souvenirs.

Steve: Mosquitoes are my arch nemesis even more so than the French.

23. John
My wife and I got married in Playa Ocotol and then spent 9 days down in the Quepos area earlier this year. We found it quite void of tourists as the US economy was impacting Costa Rica by keeping its streets empty of visitors. The people were fantastic and the area was great. I am jealous that you were just there.

Steve: People don´t like to admit it, but tourism is being hit. I was worried about traveling during some peak seasons, but with the lack of tourists it wasn´t even noticeable. Sometimes you can get a good deal as people realize there is a world crisis, but others don´t understand and they just assume that the people will come. Places like Costa Rica are probably the hardest hit as a large portion of their economy had been diverted to tourism. Other countries not so much so the effect hasn´t been so bad.

24. Marisa
My friend has a finca in Quepos. Sorry we missed you.
Walked right by the big woman statue and didn’t have to take a picture of her since you already did. I bought a netbook before heading off to Costa Rica and have been very happy with it. It was only $300. Looks like Puerta Viejo.

Steve: I checked out your blog and photos. The finca looks great and very naturalistic. I think if you are a nature lover you would find it heaven. I traveled all over and still never saw a poison arrow frog. My buddy paid $8 to go to some frog pond where he got some great photos. Oh well, gotta leave some stuff for the future. I miss having a computer but I have offset that by staying only in places with tv.

25. wayan sudirta
Like other Asia countries, bike is affordable vehicle for everybody. In Bali, tourists also take advantage of it, the cheapest way to travel around the island. But Remember you have to have International riding license or you may apply in Bali before hiring bikes

Steve: Not having a license just makes you drive more cautiously. Besides, half the fun is doing the slow down to pull over and then gunning it when you have a clear path. Not sure if I will be doing that much back in the states.

26. Denni (Whalewatcher)
Your blog was an inspiration, I can’t believe it’s over!
I’ll be checking back here often to catch up on your amazing adventures

Steve: Your getting bonus feature, hope you enjoy it.

27. Jorge Macon
It took setbacks for me to learn also, and think its the case for a lot of people, its a marathon not a sprint.

Steve: Yea, you got to pace yourself or you´ll be home after a month. For me, I always take a mental snapshot right at the beginning so I can go back to that when I start getting frustrated or forget why I am doing it.

28. Manu
Hey Steve, from this pics, you are in Bocas/Panama, right? Happen to run into your blog and have been following it for some time… Send me a note if you are or plan to hit Panama City. Would be glad to show you around…

Steve: Thanks for the offer but I wasn´t planning on doing much of Panama as I need to get home. If I went to Panama City then Colombia would be just over the border, and then I might not ever make it home.

29. Craig
There are no captions to tell where this is but is that bridge the one at the Panama/Costa Rica border crossing up near Bocas? If so, it doesn’t look any different than when I passed through there 12 years ago.

Steve: Yup thats it. I think there were some people still waiting in line from 12 years ago. They definitely weren´t getting paid by the person.

30. Noriko
Hey, no need to be jealous, there isn’t much of a difference between first and business class. The seats might be a tiny bit bigger, and they serve you the more expensive liquor. The only way I got to fly first was because my brother worked for the airlines. I’m jealous of your travels. Well, okay, a lot of it didn’t sound like fun, but it was a hell of an exciting read. Just as an FYI though, if you’ve got to fly cattle class, bring a full size pillow and prescription sleeping pills. Having your own pillow while traveling is almost like sleeping in your own bed too. And don’t take the sleeping pill until after they serve the meal or else you’ll fall asleep and miss out on the food.
Please keep writing!!! I miss reading about your adventures.

Steve: Great advice. The only thing with me is that I love the seats where you have your own video screen and can pick your choice of movies. Flying with the amenities is like staying in a four star hotel. I also love airplane food as it is a break from the usual food fare on the ground. It is my way of being back in civilization.

31. Michael Anderson
Yes!!!! Steve is back on the road!!! All is right in the universe again. Round Two?

Steve: I just forgot all about the Central Americas. Since I will be back in California for a bit it will be nice to be able to relate to my latino friends. Plus, I will be able to take a ride south really easily if I fill the need for a traveling fix especially if I pick up a motorcycle.

Side note: I am going to reply to comments themselves rather than waiting and doing them all together as I think I will have the time and not a lot more to go on the trip. Plus, it is kind of rude and I feel sort of bad when I don´t respond quickly.

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  1. Marisa says:

    I was scratching bug bites from Costa Rica for months. Finally applied nail polish and voila the itch stopped. Saw about three types of poison dart frogs. The green and black ones, blue jean and tri-colored. I did miss seeing sloths though. You were luckier than me in that regard.

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