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Responses to Comments and the next step.

Shawn- Russia is a possibility but 2011 is a bit out there. I’ll keep you updated

Michael- Glad to hear that you made it through okay. Not a bad route if you want to see a slice of Africa. It’s good to know that people are using my info to get around. I was actually pretty proud of the Congo stuff that I did. I did hope that it would encourage others to visit the areas and at the minimum inject some cash and hope into the local economies.

Miriam- I still dream of the day that I can go back to the promised lands. “Kagbeni- my dear dear Kagbeni” (as the tears flow.)

Jeremy- I’ve seen your book is doing well ( I don’t know about getting a bike back home. At the moment though, it is one of the best experiences that I have had on this trip. With all the Middle East stamps in the old passports, we might not be able to cross between the borders.

JP- Thanks. Although I bitch sometimes, it is always good to get off the road and to hit the trails, sometimes.

Dean Jacobs- I see you are keeping busy educating people about travel ( I see you made it through Russia. Still contemplating that part. That’s great about going back to Rwanda/Congo to work with the mountain Gorillas. They make really great burgers. Kidding!!!!

Jasmine- I hope that the info I sent you works out as Syria is a pretty remarkable place.

Priyank- Thanks. Hope you enjoy the Everest photos as well. Peru is another place packed full of must see places. I spent a lot of time there and still missed a lot.

Colleen- Glad your enjoying my travels. I sure am. A lot of people don’t realize how difficult it is to have money and time at the same time. If you ever get it, you have to take advantage of it as it is an extremely rare opportunity. I never got bored at the office. So many naps, building stuff with crap from your desk (I made a working fishing pole and reel), and thinking of ways of tormenting my staff and associates. Good times. I guess sitting on my ass there helped me to prepare for my future travels.

Judy- I checked out your pics. Very snowy. I might have to go visit that mountain sometime. I definitely would do it if they ever got cats to pull the sleds. Heeyaa!

Marisa- A lot of people were confident the first few days, but after a week of being stuck, people’s personalities definitely went dark. It is a situation that Westerners are definitely not used to (just think of how pissed people get when they have to wait in line in shops and restaurants.) We are just not wired for having to give up control over situations. Many people thought it would be a great opportunity to do some kind of study “Now, how does that make you feel?” “How about now?”

Mike- Wow. Amazing photos I look forward to the African section when it comes up. The favorites look really interesting as the colorations make it a mix between photo and painting. It shows that you can make even outstanding subjects even better. My friend Juan whom I did the South Omo tribes with in Ethiopia just finished his I think three year around the trip. He is going to spend the next couple of month sorting through all his stuff to see if he can put together a show. I really like that I can now relate to other peoples art (i’ve been there!). The blog has turned out to be very beneficial as I have forgotten all about year 1-3 already. Definitely brain overload, although in a good way. My site is doing pretty well in the hits part, I knew I should have charged a nickle per click. Damn. Oh well, like I prefer, I won’t take the things I enjoy and turn them into work.

Linda- I’ll keep an eye out for your book, Beyond the Summit. I would actually be pleased to read something about the Everest area which is not specifically about a Western climber looking to conquer something. I liked your pics as I remember some of them. Good memories even though it was not that long ago.

So I am all caught up on the blog. I have eaten enough Western food to start having the urge for Dal Bhat/Thali. My tv time has been maximized so that I am caught up on all the things going on in the world reality or not. In other words, I am getting bored. I still have about a week to go on my Visa as well so I have some time to do a thing or two in Nepal before I have to sneak across the border.

Just before getting to the border is a little place called Lumbini. It’s where Buddha was born. Now how cool is that. Buddha. This is going to rank up there with my time hanging out at Jesus’s birthplace. From there I have to get across the border without having to back pay the $75Rps per day fee for the Schwinn. My friends Justin and Miriam tried to do a run through but got chased down so I might have to come up with a new plan. I’m thinking I might try and find a bypass road, get to India and then ride back to the border to get my stamps. We’ll have to see. From there it is off to Varanasi to get my spiritualness on. After that it is either head East to Calcutta or cut the India portion down and head back to Delhi to sell the Schwinn and off to Thailand. I am leaning towards a change of scenery so am going to give it a 80-20 towards the Asia side. So, see ya in India… I hope.

Oh yea, I bought new boots. Real fake imitation all leather boots (simulated of course.) For this trip that makes four pairs of Merrels and now this set which are Uplanders. I am not doing any more trekking however they are not as high trekkie looking so they can fall under the urban outdoorsy look. I still like to have a solid pair of boots on when I am riding, plus these have steel toes (my left big toenail is definitely dropping off soon- black and starting to shrink and curl with separation at the cuticle.) Water proof should be helpful as well. We’ll see.


4 responses to “Responses to Comments and the next step.”

  1. Marisa says:

    Thumbs Up! Enjoy checking out Buddha land! Personally, I could wait and zen out for a long period as long as there was food, water, and shelter. One just has to accept the inevitable when things are out of one’s control. Although I know what you mean about Westerners and their sense of time and patience.

  2. JP gaillard says:

    Dude, I thought I was dropping off the “map” with my trip through Africa, but I realize now that I am merely following your steps! I have read with great attention your Lubumbashi – Kinshasa route which I am doing in a few months!

    Best and keep going!


  3. Michelle says:

    hey steve! I came across your site and have been glued for about 10 hours straight! Great trip and I love your style and perspective. Can’t wait for more!

  4. Acidspike says:

    Loved reading of your summer adventures. Good luck as your continue on your travels.

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