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I found this post truely disturbing, but thanks.
Thanks interesting post
Well your not so nancy now are you
Ahhh I guess it happens with age old fella. But still think your a hottie even if you are a fattie. lol
Glad to see you still love those nanny naps
All I can say is “oh dear”
It’s nice to see your happier then before your most likely off having the time of your life. I hope you come back soon.
Steve: Nice to hear from you too.

hermann gars
Do you have any contact information for hotels in Lubumbashi?
Steve: When I was there, there were a couple of business style hotels that would probably have contact info except I don’t have a clue of what they are. A suggestion would be to contact the UN or any of the NGO’s as most of them usually stay at the best places.

u surely had one hell of a trip man…..i guess u made it just before winter or before springbreak… needs to take such trips to redeem themselves i think
Steve: I was there during winter just before the roads were officially opened. Yea- this part of my trip I will always remember.

Slave to corporate machine
Steve, you better not be dead in a ditch. Some of us are living vicariously thru your travels while we slave away in a windowless office for the man.
Steve: I loved hiding out in my office. I whiled away the time making fishing poles, blow gns, and booby traps (the ladies really enjoyed those). Naps of course made the time go by as well.

Hey you. Don’t take too long to come back to us, or we’ll assume you’re dead in a ditch somewhere…
Steve: Nice assumption, thanks. If I do end up in a ditch boy aren’t you going to feel bad. I’m personally betting on getting eaten by the Loch Ness Monster.

Byteful Traveller
I hope you’re still alive, Steve. But surely the spirits have mercy.
So let me get this straight, you sat down and found a random piece of electronics and No One was around at all? Didn’t you at least try to return it to its owner? Wasn’t there some office around?
I hope you’re doing alright, Steve.
I’m sure you are missed.
Steve: Bush laws are a little different. Monkey laws state that electronics found once licked are the property of the new owner. I’m doing fine, just a little behind on my homework.

Giza Great Pyramids
Giza pyramids is an excellent place to travel to. Sunset in the sands is something you should definitely see live.
Steve: Egypt is just insanely packed with awesome sights. The pyramids are a definite check off, but so many other interesting sights.

Congolese Citizen
I live in all these areas. Your comment are stupid and not informed.
DRC is a beautifull country and peacefull the only spot of trouble is
the border with ruanda. Not Lubumbashi you shit head !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve: I suggest that you might possibly read my posts about the Congo again, possibly without the chip on your shoulder as I don’t believe I said anything that wasn’t warranted. “The only spot of trouble” kind of kills your argument. Do you not remember the little civil war during and after the elections? How about all the Indian UN Peace Keepers throughout the country. Rife corruption. Lack of infrastructure throughout the entire country. If you live there and don’t see what the issues are, then I assume you are part of the lucky few who live within the tall walls. For an example of what a little stabability can do, just head across the border to Zambia. Check out the border towns there. It is one of the wealthiest areas of Zambia and only a couple of hours away.

Well, aren’t you a disgusting example of humanity.
Steve: Which part?

Sounds like you need to head up to Hong Kong and replenish your supply of electronics.
Good luck!
Steve: I should toss all the electronics and go back to the basics when I was hauling a big 7 kilos around. Life was much simpler.

Jeremy Kroeker
Please keep mocking the spirits. That’s highly entertaining. And the ensuing trouble you reap for your insolence will only make for good blog fodder.
Steve: Naked flaming chicken dances. That’s how I keep in good order. I heard God likes a good Counter-Strike player as well.

Steve, just to let you know if you piss off the Scared Spirit who can give direction, they might allow the lower entities to fuck with you and mess you up if you keep mocking them. I am not shitting you, either.
Just ask, why is this happening, and how can you deal with it effectively, in the mean time quit mocking, no offense. If you piss off the protective spirits then you are fucked, big time.
Well, I left the middle east after one year and three months. You were right, Israel is one fucked up country, although the three months worked out well.
I am in Greece and should be in Eastern Europe for the next two years.
Happy Trails
Steve: I do miss the food of the ME. Pretty girls there too. I’m pretty good on the God thing. I keep track of my points so no worries. Plus, I am way smarter than the traveling Gods. Doh!

That would be right lazy pants
I reckon it’s time you went home as you seem to have lost your passion for travelling. A man who has lost his passion for travel shoould not keep a blog. Still think your a hottie
Karie Aw you poor thing, seems like your having a rough trot
Well get off your but and do something about it. Stop being a nancy and fix your problems.
Steve: I’ve been on my way home from the first step, hence the “round the world”. Ummm, this is not like a job. No need for hyper-effectiveness. I’m on vacation.

Yeah, China’s great because there’s always TV, AND I can understand Chinese. So it’s 30 channels, with 15 broadcasting old Commie movies (Yay, we defeated the KMT). Once in a while, there’s a English movie–Moulin Rouge on Saturday. I think it’s dubbed, ah, the horrors. At least it’s not the Vietnamese one-person for everyone version.
Weather was wet. Not windy, thank god. Not that cold either–I think I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. But once into sapa, out came the puffy motorcycling jacket I bought in dien bien. I had a clearish day in Sapa, and could actually see the rice fields down below.
I’ve started from Kunming again, and have just left Guiyang yesterday. Man, I am having Sapaish weather here–cold, wet and misty. Been going on for a week; I’ve gotta learn some Miaoish (or whatever minority inhabits this part of dirt) sun-dances.
I found a phone by the road once. No colour, and with a pin code. On the climb up to Sapa, incidentally.
Steve: Are you or did you go see the Great Wall?

India is a filthy dirty place? The whole world knows already!
Steve: Yea but did the world know why? That’s what made my post priceless.


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  1. Karie says:

    Hey sweety are you travelling in flu affected countries, if you are becareful cause if ya die I will be soooo sad cause then I’d need to find another blog 😉

  2. snw2srf2stt says:


    There the flu here but it’s of the squid flu variety. It makes you fat.


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