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I am a little behind on responding to comments as I feel that if people are willing to take the time to read my blog and write a comment, I should show my appreciation as well. So,

Yazeed/Maritza thanks again for the Server offer. I am up and running but might use them in the future.

Will- Thanks for the compliment. I’m sure you’ll like this other stuff I posted as I got further into South Omo.

Mimi- The Farenji pricing is a hard pill to swallow if you are traveling public transport and on a budget. It is straight up wrong, and in the end is worse for them in the long run, but you also can’t blame the locals as most of the people they see are coming in expensive Land Cruisers, spending a hour or two walking around with their body guards on either side and then leaving after not spending a dime except for a few birr for photographs. It’s almost the common thread with the solo travelers I met. It is also the first place where a few times, the drivers would rather see you stranded than to take a few less birr. I would still recommend to people to go. If you don’t want to deal with the hassles just spend the money and do a tour. It is a lot more efficient and you don’t have to deal with the hassle.

Jon- The Virgin Island is a great place to live. It is also very difficult if you haven’t experienced Island life. A lot of misconceptions from when people spend a week on a resort to having to actually live a day by day life there. Pretty costly as well. Check out this site.

It is the best resource for info on moving to the islands. The message board is excellent as there are a lot of other people who are preparing for the move as well and you are able to ask any questions that you did not find answers for. I forgot the guy that helped me out a bit when I first got there. I actually wrote a little article for them on my preparation and move to St. Thomas. My suggestion to find a place is to go to the islands and pick up the local paper and check the classifieds. It is twice a week when they are updated. Second, is to head down to Red Hook, which is the Ex-pat part of the island. There you will find most accommodation and help from other ex-pats.

Let me know if any other specifics I can help you with. I still have a few friends down there that can help you out.

Bram- so are you in Colombia or Belgium? If your in Colombia I am jealous as I really miss it. After this trip, I think I am going to go back there just for recovery. The best trekker I have ever met was from Belgium. Beyond that don’t know too much. Oh yea, didn’t fare to well for the Congo.

Jeremy- Yea you are right it was a Black/green Boomslang. I went to a book store and found an exact picture of one. Maritza also had a snake friend who confirmed it as well. The driver/guide was pretty useless as most Africans are scared as hell of any snake. His response was “Yes- it is probably deadly.” and he had no view of the snake.

New York Lady who was taking the party Land Cruiser down the West Coast of Africa- The only sketchy part of the Congos was in the Republic of Congo and those freaking Ninja guys that run the railroads. I have spoken to a few overlanders who have done that route and the only issues they ran into was the bureaucracy for getting the visas for onward travel. Not really in regards to bribes in such, but because there are so few people doing it that no one knew what the procedures were. The Overlanders form a pretty tight knit group once you get in. A lot have their own special guides that they create with all the how to’s, road conditions, and helpful hints. Good luck and have fun.

Pervert guy- This website is for my Mom not for sex tourists.

For the other people that wrote, I didn’t get to read all the comments as I thought I would do that after they were posted. Then they disappeared. Sorry about that. Also, I think I might do responses like this versus answering way back when as sometimes I don’t get to answer until quite a while has passed.


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