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Response to comments.

1. Tom Allemeier
Hey thanks, Steve!
I’ve been driving my old Minsk (looks exactly like yours) around Vietnam for the past 11 years. The thing’s been held together pretty much with duct tape and bailing wire for the past 5 years or so. When I saw your Webpage I decided to run over to Tran Hoa in Saigon and see what he could do for me. He’s been working on it for about a week. Stripped it down to the bare frame, painted it and is rebuilding it like new, piece by piece. The guy is amazing – a bit like American Chopper, Vietnamese style. I pick up the bike in two days and I’m really excited. I’m kind of thinking of doing the reverse of your trip, but completing a circle through Cambodia back to Saigon. Thanks for the valuable info! Cheers!
-Tom Allemeier

Steve: Glad to have been of service. Tran Hoa did a very good job on my bike. I didn’t get to watch him work to be able to judge his skills as the language barrier made it tough to communicate. He basically told me to come back the next day at 5pm and when I got there it was done as he said it would be (I thought he was just going to write up an estimate.) I prefer his was of just getting the job done. The best mechanic (the one that I had most confidence was the one in Laos (Plain of Jars). I got to watch him work and he knew his stuff. Just a front yard shop, but you could easily see he new the Minsk inside and out. I do miss mine as now it is sitting in some farmers place (possible running again) 50kms north of Satun, Thailand. Glad to see someone else who likes a working mans motorcycle. Send a pic I would like to see it when it has been all freshened up.

2. Jeremy Kroeker
You’re doing it right, man. Nice work! Drop me a line when you do the South America leg on a bike. Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet up.

Steve: I sent you an e-mail. Don’t tell my mom.

3. jeannie
I can relate to your adventures. I married a Palestinian and every 90 days I must go to the “warehouse”. I get many questions, like ‘YOU MARRIED A MUSLIM HOW COME YOU DONT COVER YOUR HAIR?’ or Do I have any bombs, weapons, did anybody give me anything. They dont recognise my husband as an American even with his American passport. He is not allowed in Israel. The women/girls were nice to me but not to the Americans who wore the hijab(coverd). They strip search them. I also wait 4-6 hours. Now I knoe to get there 1-2 hours before they close.
Just to let you know the Arab lines in the warehouse are for Palestinians returning from a trip. The West Bank is inside Isreal so they must incounter many check points even inside their own territory. But they dont wait hours like we do.
The Palestinian women are much prettier then they appear. I have been living in the West Bank 11 months now and I got to know their customs, traditions but most are not religous. I never had anyone push Islam on me , so their pretty cool. They love rap music, tattoos, nose rings, and they love to drink too!! They are not closed minded if they were I would have divorced my husband 13 years ago.
I work at a womens pool and the girls/women are very cool but they’re strong due to the occupation and the check points they encounter daily. You know 18-20 year oldsth m-16 is really whacked.

Steve: Thanks for the real life info. The warehouse was an experience that I am glad I got to go through. It just gave me a sense of how much pressure the Palestinian people are put under. Going through the other maze to visit/leave Bethlehem was another wonderful experience. I still remember the old man and the soldier bickering. The anger in both of them made it easy to understand that fixing the dividing line between the two would be very difficult. Every backpacker that I have met who have done a trip through Israel and Palestine have done a flip flop from supporting Israel to supporting the Palestinian people. The Palestinian side is much more interesting and being treated like a criminal changes a persons viewpoint of Israel. I have friends in both and hope the two state policy will be enacted soon. Oh yea, the Palestinian women are beautiful. When I went to the University at Bethlehem and hung out with the co-eds, wow. Also, I have this great sixth sense of being able to spot a hottie even with the coverings.
Good luck, I hope to go back and get a Palestinian stamp in my passport.

4. Acidspike
P.S. Gratz on the new ride. Now you’re riding Thai Style!

Steve: Thanks. Nobody seems to appreciate my rides.

5. Acidspike
Whoa… Did I catch in that post that you’re planning to come back to the U.S.? Say it ain’t so.
You have to stay on the road, brother.

Steve: Dude, I have to get back to see my family. Non-optional. I would be comfortable going on and on, but I prefer the uncomfortable and unpredictable.

6. Debi
Check out this blog post on fishing in the Yucatan of Mexico. You don’t need no stinkin pole. Go Yucateco and use a roll of line. Might save money, weight, and space – see what you think!

Steve: I got it worked out. Living my dream- again.

7. Snarky
Whoops, I can see you did find another. Guess I should read all your posts before responding…

Steve: Yea, and in order to get the most bang for your buck, you should start from day one and read all the way through to the new post. That’ll get my blog stats up. Oh yea, send me a nickel a page, help an unemployed guy out.

8. Snarky
RIP Sasha. I hope you find a replacement soon…

Steve: I’ll always have the memories.


3 responses to “Response to comments.”

  1. Tom Allemeier says:

    Hey, Steve…
    Man, I love your blog! It’s like a good book on the nightstand. I pick it up from time to time and read a bit more. Anyway, I got my Minsk back from Tan Hoa and couldn’t be happier. You asked me to send some pics when I got it back, but I still haven’t found an e-mail address. So here’s a link to a Facebook gallery with a few pics. It took two weeks instead of one and cost 6 million dong ($340) instead of 5 million, but he replaced both rims, the gas tank, the seat, and completely rewired it with real connectors (not just black tape).
    I hope this comment didn’t get posted twice – I tried last night but the Internet was weird and I don’t think it worked. Anyway, thanks again!
    Tom Allemeier

  2. snw2srf2stt says:

    Hey Tom,

    Beautiful. Now I know what they are supposed to look like. It came out really nice. If yours was like mine, I couldn’t get a local to even touch it as they just thought it was an old market hauling beater. Not a chance a girl would want a ride. Now it looks like a 2010 model. I like the black motor and clutch cover it makes the chrome stand out as well as the paint. I see he put those little rocket signal lights on to. If they blink really slow and require your motor to be revved up then they are just not supposed to work on a generator only bike (no battery). If they work fine then my electricals were probably messed up. When I had the old round style they worked fine but when he put those missles on, I had to be high revving just to get a blink.

    Anyways, it came out really nice. I would prefer my old Minsk over my new plastic bike anytime even though the scooters are much easier to ride. Carrying a load over a bumpy road, the Minsk would win every time.

    Take good care of her,


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