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Rat bastards of Sudan… Kiss my ass I am in Egypt!!!!!

Okay, maybe I am going a bit over board on the rat bastards, and should clarify that the people in Sudan that I met were totally fine, it was just some of the rules and some of the Government officials that make me want to tattoo ‘Rat Bastard Sudanese’ on my ass.

First, the ‘big man’ at the Sudanese Embassy in Addis that made everybody wait for four hours because he was probably on the can reading the comics. All that for one signature and not even a response when I said ‘Thank You’ twice in Arabic.

Second, the cocky ‘B’ at the Alien Registeration office who made us run all over town getting this and that and lied to us about what time they closed. She told us to get everything together and be back at 2pm. We got everything she asked then she told us we needed it typed in Arabic. We take off running to get that done. When we get back, she tells us ‘too bad, we are closed.’ It was before 2pm, but she said that it didn’t matter because they were closed. It wasn’t a big deal for me, but Sergio needed it done because he was on an extremely tight schedule. She just blew us off at the window. I got pissed and started tapping the window. She got pissed and yelled from outside the office that it was our problem not hers and they were closed. I proceeded to pound the window until security came and the main manager came out. He told me to stop yelling, which I proceeded to yell, “I wasn’t yelling, this is yelling.” He called the police and I was taken into the back office where I and my bags were searched. They tried to make me sit on the floor, but hell with that, so I just stood there. He went through my papers, yelled at me for correcting him because he was stapling someone elses application to my photo, and then had me sit (in his airconditioned office which was a hell of a lot better than my bed on the roof.) Finally, he cooled off and asked me for all our paperwork. He explained what exactly needed to be done and said if we could get it to him within the hour he might be able to help us. So off we went, but we ended having to go the next day because we couldn’t contact the manager of the hotel to get a special stamp. The next day I went back to him with all the paperwork, he had it all processed for me, and while we waited he questioned me on what was the best way to sneak into the US (Canada, Mexico, Cuba.)

Third was all the red tape crap of stopping every 100kms to sometimes write in the books our ID and sometimes just to ask us where we were from.

Fourth was all the red tape crap of registering in every town that you arrive in before you can get registered into the Lokanda/hotel.

Fifth and greatest Rat Bastards of all was the Immigration General Rat Bastard who tried to make me stay in Wadi Halfa for another week so that I would learn how to follow procedures. Okay, I get to Wadi Halfa and I ask about registering. The people at the boat ticket office tell me that all immigration is handled at the port when you are leaving. No problem. I get to the port two hours before departure time. They are fairly organized and you have to pay port fees before you enter the building. They check my passport and my ticket, no problems, I pay, and am given a number for visiting immigration. No problem. An hour goes by and the majority of the people have gone onto the boat. I finally get my chance and I go to Immigration. They ask me where my Immigration form is. I tell them I haven’t got one and that is why I am at the Immigration desk. They tell me no, I need the Immigration form from the Wadi Halfa Immigration Office in town. Well, I don’t have it since I was told that Immigration was handled here. They guy tells me to go see another officer. I tell him the story and he tells me to sit in an office and wait for the Chief. No problem. Half an hour later the guy shows up and after he chit chats for a while the second officer tells him my story. He laughs and doesn’t acknowledge me. I stand there doing nothing as people come and go and he talks to his friends and other officers. It is getting very close to departure time and everybody has pretty much cleared out of the terminal. The Immigration people start packing up and leaving. It is not looking too promising so I start asking the other officer to the side, what exactly are we waiting for. He says that the Chief has to make a decision. He asks the Chief what he wants to do. The Chief looks at me and tells me that I will just have to wait for six days until the next boat. I am kind of taken aback as what the hell kind of answer is that. I tell him that I already have my tickets and that my Visa is ending that day and I need to get on the boat. He tells me the same, ‘ Now you will understand what it means to follow procedures.’ Fucking Rat Bastard. I am still at a level where my rage is still in check because I kind of get the hint that he is just trying to get me to do something stupid, so I just follow him as he tries to leave. Other officers with a bunch of stars stop me and take a look at my passport and ticket. They discuss amongst themselves and the first officer who has been helping me tells me to grab a taxi and go directly to the Immigration office in town and get the paperwork and come back asap. He said that he would be waiting for me. So, I run outside and wake up a taxi driver trying to explain about Immigration. Thankfully the officer followed me outside and yells at the guy where he needs to take me. We slowly bounce on down to the Immigration office where in slow motion they go in search of the correct form, find out that they are out, luck out and stop the main guy who has the key to the office where the extra forms are, I watch in horror as the guy is wrestling with the key to force the lock open just thinking that the key is going to break and the guy is going to turn to me and shrug his shoulders and tell me, ‘oh well, there is another boat in six days.’ Finally, I get the forms, we go off in search of the stamp, and thankfully I am out of there is not so slow motion. We scoot back and I just take out all the Sudanese pounds that I had and offered them to the Taxi driver. It was only half of what he asked, but he just sighed and told me to go. I run inside and the whole complex is empty. I run to the Immigration Office where one guy is just leaving and he gives me the head shake and says everyone is gone. My heart sinks, but then he tells me to go around back and I see a group of people waving at me from down by the boat. I run down to the boat as the horn is blowing and people are scattering about. One guy grabs my passport and another grabs my tickets. They both take off and I don’t know where to go. I decide my passport is the most important thing so I head off after it which is onto the boat. The guard at the door tells me no that I can’t board. Heart sinks. He looks past me and when I turn around the Rat Bastard Chief is standing there talking to some other people. He glances at me and my heart drops even farther. The guy with my passport comes and grabs my arm and drags me on board. He races up some stairs and disappears so I half-heartedly scurry after him and end up in the Dining area. There is airconditioning there and only a few people so I figure it is a good idea to hide out there until we get moving. Just a few minutes after I hop on board, we are off. My heart pops back in my chest and I breath a sigh of relief. There is no way they are getting me off the boat at that point, I am out of there. It doesn’t dawn on me until that point on how close I came to having to spend another week in Wadi Halfa with an expired Visa and nothing to do but melt. I came really close to making the biggest mistake of my trip. Things always seem to work out in Africa.

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  1. Dee says:

    LOL what a big lol Sudanese are then the real bastards one thing with Sudan is that they claim to be muslim and go round killing black african while themselves aren’t white they are of lost identity arabs slaves and travelers

  2. KV-64 says:


    […]Rat bastards of Sudan… Kiss my ass I am in Egypt!!!!! » TravelBlog Archive » For Mom, Love Steve[…]…

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