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Puerto Cortez, Honduras: One last stop


Although it was possible to make it across to Guatemala in one day, it would have been a five bus plus one country change, way too much chance of some screw up and being inconvenienced, so I decided to take a stop at the port town of Puerto Cortez. Puerto Cortez is the largest and most important Honduran sea port. To me it was a big ass wall that stretched on for three “as far as the eye can see”. Actually, what it made me flash back to was Syria and the port town where I spent a couple of quality weeks eating great American diner food and watching tv. I had the same layout with a hotel that overlooked the port with another wall that went on forever with a sunset that dropped somewhere behind the white washed ten foot barrier. Since it was my last stop before heading over to Guatemala I decided to spend a couple of nights there soaking up the sketchy port town vibe and which allowed me to do some exploring. Now, the place was a port town, and like most port towns they were built essentially because of the port. I give this information because when you visit these places and as a tourist sometimes it is hard to connect on why a place built on the Caribbean actually has no access to the aforementioned sea. My free day I took a walk to the entry gates to take a photo of the wall, kind of another flash back to Israel/Palestine, just to give the perspective of what you get when you visit a working port town. It feels like a sort of beach apartheid (South Africa flashbacks), with a wall dividing you from the emerald waters of the Caribbean. I kind of stood there and looked down the wall as it extended basically as far as I could see. I figured it was some sort of mirage (kind of a flashback to hiking to the pyramids in Sudan), and that it couldn´t be that far, plus with my fatness, it would do some good to get some exercise, my other option was getting a snowcone and watching tv from bed. So I walked. I walked a long time. Finally after an entry way where I had seen some cars drive in from afar which I had misinterpreted as the end of the wall, I got another eyefull of wall as it kept on going for a second “as far as the eye can see”. That stretch finally ended at a gas station which I thought would be my gateway to the ocean, but turned out to be another “as far as the eye can see” wall that curved towards the ocean, but then straightened out again for another stretch “as far as the eye can see”. Finally, the wall veered to the right and ended at a river. Looking down the river I could see the ocean but it was still far away and there was still no access unless I lept and let the current take me out to it. Walking over the bridge there were a few restaurants right next to the bridge but not wanting to see the ocean but not have to buy a burger to see it, I kept going. There I met up with another wall, this time it was the property of the Honduran Navy. There wall was another “as far as the eye can see”, but this time with barbed wire. Finally though, the damn wall ended and it opened up to a nice grass covered beach with full access to the Caribbean ocean. Man, what a pain in the ass. I took a bus back to town, it was that far.

Puerto Cortez wasn´t horrid, it was pretty much your usual Central American town with the usual central park. On a positive note, they had Pizza Hut, Wendy´s, and Burger King. No McDonalds though wtf. For some reason, I am not craving American fast food. One night I had my usual fried chicken and chips, but my final night as I stopped by the grocery store, there was a girl outside selling tamales. Now, in my family that is actually Christmas food as one of my imported Aunt Lucy brought tamales to our usually authentic Japanese Christmas/New Years feasts. Usually it was mochi making at the ranch but a day was also spent making tamales. Eating those for the first time in years was a treat although they are pretty sparse on the meat, but what do you expect for fifty cents.

The wall.

Finally the beach.

Sunday tamales.


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  1. Rob Osborn says:

    Just got back from Purerto late last week. Cool vibe there. It’s funny what we complain about though. I had a few hunger pangs for American grub but down there the fruit is better than I could buy in America with Bill Gates money. So, why should I care if American junk is on every corner when pineapple tastes better than ever. You can only it for so long though.

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