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Photos: Varanasi

The main burning ghat where cremations are performed. Just before you get to the main area is a flooded out area much like the water in the photo. That was my first initiation to the waters of the Ganges. After that, it was just like wading in the crystal clear waters of the Himalayas.

varanasi-blog-2.jpg varanasi-blog-3.jpg varanasi-blog-8.jpg
A sample of the many ghats lining the river.

The second burning ghat which trying to be more eco friendly has become dual usage. They have the standard burnings and now an electrical cremation option. You can see the little smoke stacks coming out of the middle building.
Rough info: The dead are carried through town wrapped in a silver/gold cloth with decorations. They are brought down to the waters where they are bathed. A deal is made with the wood men who supply the wood for the cremations. Wood is priced by type and weight. The body is placed on the wood pilings and covered with more wood. Offerings are given and the pile lit up. Three hours later and you are a pile of ash. A cannister oh holy water is thrown on the ashes and ceremony goes on elsewhere.

Crazy rickshaw action. Now if there was only way I could strap on the Schwinn, I could ride around looking even cooler.

Daily dippings in the holy stuff.

Cooling off the buff.

The nightly puja on the banks.

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  1. Sumon says:

    I am very happy to mean it, that u respect very much hindu religion. Your img collecion is proved that. Fine+Thank U

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