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Photo’s Uganda

Here are some quick shots of my tour around Uganda.

Turtle crossing
Not sure where this guy came from.

Crater lake
Crater lake. Great for swimming as there is no Bilharzia.

Colobus m s Regular m  - food for me in the Congo
One of the famous Black and White Colobus Monkeys. Pretty flamboyant little guy, belongs in Vegas. The other one, just dinner for me in the Congo.

Kids playing at the school school
The camp was also a community center/school for the local kids so every day they showed up for morning class and afternoon playtime. It was a nice diversion for the day.

Ssese Islands
The Ssese Islands are a chain of islands in the northern part of Lake Victoria. It is known as the Caribbean Islands of Lake Victoria. I had a good time hanging out at the beach with some Brits and Canadians.

The Ferry that took us back to Kampala.

Sipi Falls
Not really a photo of the Sipi Falls, but the other great view overlooking the entire valley. You could see hundreds of kilometers including a bunch of lakes and volcanoes. Not a bad place to chill out. A great couple (Israeli) who manage the Twalight lodge where I stayed.


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