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Photos: Turmi

These are shots of the kids around Turmi.

Just arriving in Turmi on Market Day. Because of the same outfits and hair styles, they almost start looking cookie cutter. Me and the girls Me again The cute twins.  These two just walked around and collected money for photos.  Hard to say no.

While out on one of our hikes we ran into these three boys tending to their herd of goats. It was one of my favorite shots.

On one of our hikes we ran into these kids out herding their goats. They were pretty fun to talk to as neither one of us understood each other.

The wax portion of the honey that was left when we filtered out the honey. This was the best part. You toss in a mouth full and chew the wax. The honey gushes out and is oh so good. The locals put hollowed out logs with capped ends high up in the trees and wait for the bees to colonize. They then bring down the logs, smoke them out, and collect the honey. They sell the honey in gords at the market.

One of my happier moments on this section was seeing this tourist Land Cruiser get stuck in the river. They had to pay the local kids money to get them out. Never once did any of these tourist trucks offer a ride or anything. Freaking snobs. I’m glad they were paying $150US a day where we were paying under $10 and seeing a hell of a lot more.
ha ha ha

Just a road shot of Turmi.

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