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Photos: Tuol Sleng (S-21)

Just your normal style high school. It was located right in the heart of Phnom Penh and is surrounded by peaceful neighborhoods.

Classrooms were turned into interrogation rooms. The rooms were left fairly intact to the way they were found when the Vietnamese came and kicked the Khmer Rouge out. Their were only a few who survived. On the bed frames were the bodies of the last to be tortured. The camp personnel had left the bodies because they were in such a rush. Each room had a photo of the body that was left there as well as any belongings that were found.

All the people who passed through were documented with photos. Often times they would photograph before and after torture. Just normal people. These walls of photos were segregated by men, women, and children. It was pretty gut wrenching to see a little kid who you know was killed. Multiply that by a thousand and it hurt.

These were little compartments created to house the prisoners.

Cambodia map.

Classified remains.

A few impactful things that I did not take photos of were the photo gallery of I think it was a Swiss reporter who was one of only a handful of people who ever got to venture into Cambodia during the time. He was of course guided by the government and taken to only select places showing how well the system was working. The guy was an old school hippie and felt that Cambodia had created one of the most optimum socialist style countries. Later, after learning what happened, he was crushed as he indirectly helped in covering up all the travestities. The other was this wall chart created to document all of the sites like Chouenk Ek and S-21 throughout Cambodia including statistics like how many mass graves, how many bodies found at the site, and notating in a few “too many to count.” I had always thought there was just one “killing field” but have now learned that there are hundreds and many more that have never been excavated or found.


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