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Photos: The trophy case.

I don’t even crave tv anymore. The power of the fish.

Counter-strike and fishing. I thought it didn’t get any better.

The lower end of my neew rig with also a shot of my devastator bait catching system.


I was happy to catch this little guy because that means there are some big boys lurking around.

A kind of puffer fish.

Don’t know.

Good fighting fish and the ladies love em.

A type of grouper. We had a fight over this one as I wanted to throw it back as these get big and can really fight. The ladies didn’t want to hear it. Into the pot you go.

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2 responses to “Photos: The trophy case.”

  1. simonT says:

    very interesting! Keep on fishing. Fascinating to see what you pull out of the Nariwathat hotel river. We’re all waiting to hear what happens when you do angle in 50 Kg of fish. Maybe you can set up a little stand and do some fish mongering for a week. That would be like a traveller’s first.

  2. shana says:

    the spotty fish labeled “don’t know” looks a lot like the popular aquarium fish native to southeast asia, scat.

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