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Photos: The great white north of Thailand.

The one and only place in Thailand where you can see this. A working horse cart taxi, only in Lampang.

The most impressive center road display on all my travels. This is another prototype for a future house. I might need an add on for my elves though.

Amo at one of the northernmost points of Thailand. There was another sign but it was near the bridge where more tourists are so I am thinking that it was fake.

Thai side left, Burma right. Check out the sparkling mountain water. Just makes you want to fish doesn’t it, nope.

This was like a little Lord of the rings little people village. It is actually a sort of bungalow village. The whole mountainside was covered in these bungalows which looked like they were put up randomly, 50 years ago, by first time builders, who were drunk. I think the process to check in would involve a lot of “no, you can’t have that one.”

The Golden Triangle marker flanked by the joining of the three rivers. Or two rivers that join to form a third river, or Thailand (where I am taking the photo from), Burma to the left, Laos to the right.

Big golden Buddha.

Big Golden elephants.

My burger joint and burrito factory in Chiang Mai. I can’t wait to get a real American Cheeseburger when I get home as these interpretations of American food just don’t cut it.

Just some Chiang Mai photos during my walk about.


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