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Photos: Sudan, Khartoum to Wadi Halfa

Ancient site of Jebel Barkal Pyramids 2 Pyramids of Jebel Barkal
Ancient site and pyramids of Jebel Barkal.

Karima to Dongola 1 K to D 2 K to D 3 K to D 4
Shots of the Mango truck that took us across to Dongola. You can see that it is a true desert crossing as you are just following sand trails or sometimes no trail at all. One of me hot, sweaty, and slightly melted.

Crossing the Nile to Dongola Communal water pots Dongola
Crossing the Nile to Dongola.
The communal drinking pots are something new that I found only in Sudan so far, well Egypt also has a few now that I a here. Basically, it is a very good idea both in technology and community wise. The pots are made out of a heavy clay. The bottoms are kind of etched to make them slightly pourous so water slowly saturates the clay and it creates a cooling effect just like a air conditioner. Individual houses and businesses all have these pots and are responsivble for keeping them filled. There is usually one communal cup that everybody drinks from. It is one excellent way that the local people have adjusted to the heat and also show there importance on caring for others. Fat chance you will ever find that in a community in the States where it is every person for themselves. The water can sometimes be a little sketchy as lots of place are getting it straight out of the Nile, but I figure it is much safer than most places because there is pretty much no rain run-off, minimal amount of animals, and human waste actually turns to dust before it hits the ground. Now those cups, could be a problem, but with the blistering heat, they are pretty much heat sanitized.

Transport to Abri Converted Lorries Desert track Break stop. Wadi Halfa Lokanda Wadi Halfa
Final transport to Wadi Halfa.

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