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Photos: Suchitoto, El Salvador

Of course you have to start out in the Central Park with the adjoining Church.

My first day there I ended up taking a couple of hour walk down to the lake. It really reminded me of the high altitude lakes in Peru where the sky is silvery sharp.

Cobblestone roads always make for a classic look. Glad I wasn´t riding a bike around.

Like the cobblestones, the Spanish tile roofs lets you know you are in Latin America.

My view over to the central park and church.

Relaxing on the roof surrounded by beautiful views.

My favorite shot. I wasn´t paying attention as I was reading and when I looked up this is what I saw.

Side road down to the lake.

It seems most professional photographers have to take photos of the old crumbling wall. For a bonus my pictures include wildlife. Flying rats.

Bagging the maize.

Why I´m fat. The general plan was to make it home and plant myself on my parents sofa with food in one hand and the remote control in the other. I would stay there until I hit 185lbs, then it would be time to move along. Unfortunately, if I am not careful with my pupusas I might have to raise the bar before I even make it home. One thing that is consistently good throughout the Central Americas so far has been the Pastalerias (pastry shops). Lots of variety although a bit light on the chocolates and the cream filled varieties.


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