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Photos: Royal Cemetary/City of Meroe

Royal Cemetary 2 Royal Cemetary 1
Do you see the camel? I was out there man. That black sand looking stuff is burnt rock from the sun. Freaking hot doesn’t describe the heat of Sudan in summer. Not to worry though, I had a litre of water and a biscuit.

Pyramids Pyramids 1 Pyramids 2 Pyramids 3
The ancient Royal Cemetary of Meroe is one of Sudan’s most spectacular sights. The Meroitic pharoahs thrived from 592 BC until overrun by the Abyssinians in AD 350.

Restored pyramids Restored 2
A couple of the pyramids were restored by I think it was the British. Just to give an idea of what they were like back in the day.

Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics 2
It was pretty cool to get to actually touch stuff that was that old. I don’t think your supposed to, and I doubt that it is possible in Egypt, so you gotta do when you can. They say even the graffiti goes back centuries.

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