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Photos: Palestine

Church of the Nativity Church of the Nativity Jesus was born here.  Really, Jesus.  Right there.  Amazing. Milk Grotto Chapel My favorite church because it was contemporary. Beautiful stained glass windows.
Bethlehem is a must see especially those who like Christmas and God. The Milk Grotto Church (Mary lactated there) is my favorite church as it was very contemporary and had a high tech feel to it. Beautiful stained glass windows and the nuns were all neat and pressed.

Nazareth Paintings sent from different countries.  Couldn't find US though.
Beautiful Nazareth, although the historic sites are surrounded by main stream buildings. No more wooden barns or mangers to be found anywhere anymore.

Jerusalem at night from Palestinian side.

Arafat plaque Yassar Arafat Tomb
Not too much in Ramallah, but it was worth it to pay homage to Yassar Arafat. You know the guy, PLO, red and white checkered head dress, kind of a radical guy…

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